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Any restaurants/places to eat that are soy-free? Does this even exist?

I would try Hugo's Restaurant. There is one in WeHO and another in the Valley? They are not "Soy free" but they have a very detailed allergen chart that they will provide you or you can find on their website which includes soy.

Lunch on the Westside with great drinks and outdoor seating?

It is my birthday and my boss is taking me out for late lunch. We will be a small group...probably 4 people. Also, this will be on a weekday.

We work in Century City- so somewhere within a 15 minute drive would be ideal. I'm looking for a place with a nice outdoor seating area. Also, good drinks are a must! A place with a bar- not just beer and wine is necessary. Finally, the place must be vegetarian/pescatarian friendly.

I don't spend much time of the westside- so I'm stumped! Hopefully I can get some great suggestions here!