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Lunch in North/Northwest Austin

Michi Ramen, Verts, Tam Deli, Tan My, Lucy's, Conscious Cravings....

Apr 01, 2014
BTAustin in Austin

Advice for first time visitors from NY (researched!!)

You have to get one of their limited spots and order 5# or a rack of ribs:

Preorders are filling up quickly, please let us know what date you have in mind Pre-ordering information. We accept pre-orders on either whole briskets, whole pork butts, or whole racks of ribs. We also accept orders for meat by the pound, with a minimum of 5 pounds. Sides may be added in pints or quarts. Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance, and in order to skip the line, may only be picked up between 10:15 am and 10:30. If you are unable to come during this time, you must wait in line. No plates and no sandwiches. Cost- Whole briskets generally weigh 5 pounds, racks of ribs are generally 2.5 pounds, pork butts are generally 4 pounds. Here is the full restaurant menu, which includes current pricing for meats by the lb. -- For fastest response, please order by email. Don't know how much to order? We suggest 1/2 pound of meat (total)/person. Stacy Franklin Franklin Barbecue 900 E. 11th St. Austin, Tx 78702

Jun 19, 2013
BTAustin in Austin

Airport to Round Rock dinner on a Sunday

Hi. If you want bbq there are a couple options away from the mobs. Styles Switch might not be too bad. Their beef rib is really great. Brisket most visits really shines too. And they have great sausage. Might be mobbed (or sold out) despite being away from downtown. The easy options are County Line and Salt Lick (the Round Rock one) I'd go to Salt Lick I think their Q is better. I really like their pork ribs. And the All you can eat at either makes for a fun meal even if the Q isn't up to Lockhart standards.

Mar 03, 2013
BTAustin in Austin

Christmas lunch/dinner in Austin, Texas

Din Ho always gets mentioned here. I understand that Chinatown will be open for dim sum. I may see if T and S is. If dim sum doesn't work out I may see if First Chinese BBQ is open.

Dec 24, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Best Tres Leches in Austin?

Chuy's panaderia makes a good one. There is a very long thread from 2006-2009 that has many many places mentioned.

Dec 13, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Where to order Pies for Thanksgiving?

Hi. I like this delivery option. Looks like she was at Asti, that I take as a good sign. Is the stuff good? Great? Thanks.

Nov 28, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Best Thing YOU Ever Ate, Austin

Went and got some on your recommendation Rudeboy. It is pretty awesome. Same dish as salt and pepper shrimp say at t and s eh? Ooh they do froglegs I'm so there. Thanks!

Oct 25, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Steakhouse opinions?

I Like Perry's and Eddie V's. Flemings too. Ruth's still does a good steak but our last visit didn't impress. Sides and service left alot to be desired. Sullivan's was good but struck me as expensive for what we got, even compared to the other (expensive) places. We liked 3 Forks too but have only been there once.

Sep 26, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Manna Korean

Saw thus Culturemap article referenced on Eater:

And that emboldened me to go by Manna Korean in the center at Lamar and Justin. The sign isn't in English (it's on the right facing forward) but there is plenty of English on the windows. Ordered the jajangmyeon to go. Really liked it. Noodles and some vegetables and a little meat in a dark sauce reminiscent of plum or fish sauce or the flavor of bulgoki. Came with a dab of kim chi and what I assume were radish matchsticks in vinegar and red pepper. A really nice lunch for 6.99. Very friendly people. I will be back.

Sep 17, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Challah Bread

Upper Crust. Blue Baker has one too.

Sep 15, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Stiles Switch BBQ

They've become my go to also. Amazing beef ribs and the brisket is way up compared to earlier. Only Franklin and Mueller in town are better, imo. Sides I'm not so taken with. Saturday went for meat from Stiles and sides from NW Rudy's. That worked out really well. Sauce is with drippings like Cooper's. I do like it but do supplement it with La. hot sauce....

Sep 10, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Hill's Barbecue market - Early report

Thanks gilintx I'd seen the sign but your post is what made me go by. Yesterday. Really liked the molasses spare ribs and liked the mustard. Brisket was pretty good too. Didn't have the intense smokiness or the cooked down fat that Franklin and Mueller and now the improving Styles Switch share with the iconic Lockhart places, but I assume they will get better. It was tender and tasty beef. Sides were carefully done and the feel of the place is good -- some smart people that see what works at Rudy's and such, I think, are behind this. Not cheap though the half pounds of pork ribs were 8.99 each and the quarter pound of brisket was 3.75. Liked the cole slaw and beans. Two small sides and the meats was 28.00 and change. Happy to see it in the neighborhood.

Aug 12, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Driving to Port A

Van's bbq in Oakville is old tmey and good.

Jul 09, 2012
BTAustin in Texas

Egg Foo Yung

Jun 30, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Good bakeries in NW Austin/Cedar Park

Hi. I wish I could find some creme filled coconut donuts like dunkin donuts used to make. My coworker's birthday is tomorrow and it'd be nice to have some. I like Chuy's panaderia/bakery for what they have. It's at Ohlen and 183.

Jun 27, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Advice for 3.5 day BBQ Trip Itinerary

I'd bet $1000 that both Franklin and Mueller's are closed on July 4, they take every opportunity to be closed as far as holidays and such. Here are some bbq opinions, someone will trash them but they are pretty correct if you ask me, ha: Salt Lick is fun and I really like their pork ribs. Schoepf's is much ado about nothing from my experience--here's a way to make alot of money selling mediocre bbq. All the Lockhart places go in front of anything but Franklin. City Market too. Not that Franklin is necessarily better but it's Huge to have something in town in that league. Mueller's in Taylor and Austin and Stiles Switch all have great beef ribs. I like Cooper's. I'd go to all the Lockhart places and city market and Franklin more than once. Then I'd go to Franklin. And Mueller's. And Stiles Switch but just for beef ribs. They have good sausage too. Lockhart and Franklin.

Jun 20, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Pork BBQ in Austin

Stuffed makes really good jalapeno cornbread.

Jun 05, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Pork BBQ in Austin

We're good at ribs don't see much pulled pork. I've had it in Arkansas,Tennessee and Mississippi though, good stuff. We had a Red Hot and Blue for a while and I liked it alot. Seems like Whole Foods' pulled pork is okay. I go to the Gateway store but I'm sure they have it at the flagship too.It's quite easy to obtain anyway. Have you had it ssouth?

May 28, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

La Fogata on Burnet

Way worse location unfortunately. She told me the carwash guy wanted $1000 a month so she moved. Bandit. I dig her breakfast tacos.

May 25, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Crispy Tacos?

Angie's carnitas tacos rock. They use the same thick tortillas for their table chips, which also rock. Yellow cheese though , definitely Tex-Mex. Amaya's is somehow related to Angies but I don't think they have carnitas. I only like the carnitas. Mighty scrumptiouschef doesn't like Angie's though....

May 21, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Smoked beef rib the Switch or J. Mueller or else?


Apr 04, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

In Honor of Pi(e) Day...

I've only had the chocolate at Monument Cafe, but it is crazy freaking good. Fudgy thick rich cream and the crust is pecans. Haven't been to Quack's but I will go anywhere for coconut. That being said Cuttie Pies on Burnet has an amazing coconut white chocolate pecan pie. I don't like the normal little pie "lets" very much and I think you have to order the whole pie. Around 17 bucks -- a steal. And Tootie Pies in the Arbor Walk has a wonderful coconut pie. Not cream-- like a chess or buttermilk but moist and with coconut. Expensive though 5 bucks for a small slice or like 35 for a huge pie. Their lunch deal for 10 dollars is a sandwich, piece of pie and drink, a good deal. For coconut cake la Madeline's is memorable.

Mar 14, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

"Supper" Barbecue?

You always get different answers with bbq. I get by Sam's every month and a half or so and always like the brisket. An old fashioned sandwich on white bread for 4.50 is a steal. They cook it to tender and smokiness, like about everywhere, differs. Atmosphere is amazing. I do try to park my car right in their doorway though....

Mar 01, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Dallas to Austin Road Food

I like Robertson's for ham sandwiches. their ham is dry and tasty and they sell premade sandwiches. They have this pecan brittle from a company in Arkadelphia Arkansas that's really great. It comes in little bags and these buckets.

I tend to stop at Mikeska's at exit 300 in Temple. They smoke sirloins and it's pretty tasty. Buy a half pound and eat it with their nice homemade bread it's a nice lunch.

The best fruit kolaches (way better than the West places imo) are at Monica's in Jerrell. Really good bread and tons of fruit. The apricot are great. She makes a prune kolache --the filling is black-- strange to me but real tasty. It's one side of a gas station building they also operate. I'd call ahead and make sure they're open and not sold out.

Oops, Monica's shows closed on Sundays won't work for your trip sorry.

Feb 24, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Feb. Texas Monthly - The Greatest BBQ story ever told

They were only closed for a week or two. Still putting out some of the best brisket in Austin bar none. Great sausage too. I don't have a taste for mutton. .There might be one or two people in line in front of you.

Feb 04, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Suggestions for pre-theater dinner

We have to come down from north Austin. We like to take Burnet to beat the traffic and go to Asti or Hyde Park Bar and Grill. Real convenient for the Bass and okay for the Long Center and the Paramount or ACL. Lots of parking behind the center Hyde park is in.

Feb 02, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Maoz coming to Triangle

Have been twice and love it. Better falafel than anywhere else (Sarah's I like alot too to give her a plug) really nice soft pita and tons of choices on the "toppings." it's really a little salad bar. Didn't miss any meat at all. Opens at 11:30.

Jan 16, 2012
BTAustin in Austin

Stiles Switch BBQ

I went Thursday night. Brisket was tender and of good quality but didn't have much taste from rub/spice or smoke. Nice people. Nice sausage. They didn't have any hot sauce said they were working on it. I might bring my own next time....

Dec 31, 2011
BTAustin in Austin


Thanks! We could use some good pho without driving all the way over to Lamar. Pho Saigon is great.

Dec 31, 2011
BTAustin in Austin

DiMassey's Mediterranian Restaurant

I went in there twice and walked out both times. Once they ignored me and the other time there was (eerily) no staff present. I did read somewhere that the original DiMassi's were the new management and not the old management....

Dec 27, 2011
BTAustin in Austin