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Which Tagine cookware would you advise...Please advise if you have one.

It's not fancy, but perhaps IKEA's tagine might do.. It's generally locally available and won't put you in debt if you won't use it often. I don't know if it's glazed inside or not... Then again it's not traditional if it's made with anodized aluminum and Teflon...

Dec 10, 2010
LADYGIRL in Cookware

Must have!

I'm a young'n also starting out. I've learned so much by reading these boards and where/how to spend my money. So my two cents on my first kitchen (that I'm still building):

1. A decent chefs knife. My first was a Walmart Chicago Cutlery santku I got for 8 bucks. It works but one day I'll get a good knife. It's a nice feeling when you don't look for replacements bc you already have the best.

2. A cutting board. I looked at Boos but I can't afford it. Ikea I go: I have to oil it constantly as it's still new but it's getting better. I think my next board might be bamboo. I also have cheapy plastic foldable ones for meats. Meat doesn't touch my wood board.

3. a large skillet. I had one given to me when friends moved. It's a non stick Bialetti and it's kinda huge, 13" across with 3" walls. It's just really versatile for me.

4. Garlic press. I looked around and ended up with more ikea: I know everyone loves zyliss and kuhn rikon but this is one of those things that I love the cheap one just fine. I do peel it first, and it's easy to clean. I used to just mince it, but the garlic press just gets all those juices out which is great.

5. Nesting/prep bowls. Mise en place is your friend. I got these glass ones ( because its non reactive. I also have four Pottery barn snack and dipping bowls. Great extra storage and I can use it at the table too.

6. Rectangular pyrex set. I use these for cookies, casseroles, roasts, whatever. I don't have a lot of space so I need multi taskers and this does it.

7. Measuring cups! I felt stupid when I started to bake and realized I couldn't figure out an 1/8 of a teaspoon. I have cup measures but not the teeny tiny ones.

8. Hand Mixer. WS has it a KA on sale right now for $50. Bc no matter how hard I try, my hand and a whisk will never get something light and fluffy enough for cookies and cakes
9. Veggie peeler. I got this from the dollar store. Pretty much just for carrots. I rarely eat veggies and my bf is making me. He says theyre good for me.
10. Eyedropper. Weird I know. I use this for vanilla extract pretty much. I'm scared to pour a teaspoon of extract into that tiny bowl.
11.Wine pump. I cook with a drinking wine sometimes. I don't need teh whole bottle. pump the bottle, drink it later.
12.Bread knife. IT was on sale, and its kinda awesome.
13.Spatula. Again WS because it was one of the highest heat resistance I could fine. Ikea melted.. can't win everything. It makes me happy to get every last drop.
14. Mini chopper. Can't afford a big one, and Im sure I won't use it just cooking at my level for two. 10 bucks at target, it's enough to chop up some chillis.
15.Baking sheet. used with parchment paper. considered a silpat but I'm pleased with the paper. I will vouch for the commercial grade WS sheet. I think it has more versatility than a cookie sheet. I lift the whole paper out to slide it on the cooling rack.

My eye on: or grey. round or oval. around 6 qt for me...
A great knife
A table top oven (bc my big oven is overkill for six cookies
)Food processor
second cutting board (it's good to have help)
oil pourer (bc drizzling is hard out of costco bottle)
cooking utenlis. bc mine are sad.

I think I'm done now..

Dec 09, 2010
LADYGIRL in Cookware

Trip report to Montreal (for any interested)

I hate to be so touristy with the photos thing. Thank goodness he has no shame in it, or else we'd have no pictures of trips at all. That window was a Godsend. The whole trip was very pleasant and has be itching to go somewhere new again.

Trip report to Montreal (for any interested)

Boy is the Chowhounds community small! My boyfriend and I were the ones sitting next to you at Monsieur B. I was trying to put up a review at TripAdvisor but there isn't even a listing for it too. We found Monsieur B through the Chowhounds that day!