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Good food good atmosphere in york

Looking for recommendation in York,

May 04, 2015
deirdre11 in U.K./Ireland

brisbane seafood

Thanks Samuel, have bought the voucher.... sounds good, i'm going to Brisi for a few months, will also go on that recommendation : )))

brisbane seafood

Many thanks will email and buy a voucher, my brother said the same about the crab lasagne
Coming from the west coast of Scotland we're pretty spoiled when it comes to seafood

brisbane seafood

thank you, its a Christmas present for my son and daughter in law who emigrate in January.... my brother suggested il centro, gambaros.... what do u think?

brisbane seafood

looking for a good seafood place in Brisbane or near Paddington.... AND has good atmosphere


Can anyone recommend any reasonably priced restaurants in the Varese and surrounding area, north of Milan.

Sep 05, 2010
deirdre11 in Italy