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Casual, dog-friendly outdoor lunch somewhere between Frederick and Frostburg?

Try Puccini's, but give them a call first. They are located right after the Rocky Gap Lodge exit but before Cumberland. I'm not sure if this is under the same management, but we went here with our chocolate lab when the Rocky Gap Lodge used to accommodate pets. We sat on the patio and enjoyed some pretty darn good wood fired pizza. I was born and raised in Chicago and have lived in NY too, so I consider myself a bit of a pizza snob and we really enjoyed our meal. They have sandwiches and other offerings as well. Again, if they did change mgmt, they may no longer allow pets, but they were super friendly with us.

Brunch in the Annapolis Area?

In Annapolis you can try brunch at Harry Browne's (quintessential Annapolis, with lots of history and right across from the State House), Severn Inn, (located on the beautiful Severn River and overlooking the Naval Academy), and Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen and Wine Bar (next to the Westin, with a cool vibe and nice ambiance). All have menus on line.

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen
1 Park Pl, Annapolis, MD 21401

Harry Browne's
66 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

Best Burger in Annapolis

Being from Chicago, I am a big fan of patty melts. A good dive bar, with great happy hour is the Ebb Tide, located a couple blocks from Quiet Waters Park on Bay Ridge Road. The last time I was there, I enjoyed a super juicy patty, and great shoestring fries. So I can only vouch for the meat and the rye bread, not the bun that would come with a burger.

Alaskan King Crab

Just FYI, unless The King Crabs are alive,(only places I have ever seen that is in some Asian restaurants that had special tanks), they are always pre-cooked before they are shipped out to restaurants, stores, etc., Then they are reheated. Although that process is easy and any place can do it, what really matters is where they get the seafood from. Biggest difference is the sodium content, as some purveyors over salt and as a result, the flavor is compromised.

Place for great seafood in the Pasadena area?

Sometimes you find the best seafood at a non-seafood house. Upscale: Trattoria Alberto (Italian but serves fish/seafood dishes) in Glen Burnie. Highly rated and delicious. Middle of the road suggestion is a chain, but appreciated nonetheless: Bonefish Grill. Big menu with all kinds of fins and crustaceans. Next suggestion is more down home and more like a diner - Greenhouse Grill- serves favorites like cream of crab soup, crab cakes and stuffed flounder.

Greenhouse Grill
6914 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Trattoria Alberto
506 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

trumpet mushrooms

I don't know any local stores that would carry these mushrooms, as they are not a very common variety. Though some are found on the East Coast, they primarily grow in the Pacific Northwest and Europe. I understand your dilemma about quantities. Although it is not the same, you can get smaller amounts if the trumpets are dried i.e - 1 ounce = 7.00 bucks or so and available online. You can reconstitute them before use. You may even find these dried shrooms at a local Asian Market.

East Coast Cafe
44 Calvert St, Annapolis, MD 21401

Where can I buy a whole duck in DC?

At this time, you should have no problem finding duck. Safeway and Giant even carry them during the holiday season. The Annapolis Whole Foods carries them year round so I would suspect you should find it as well in your local Whole Foods. Just place a call before you go.

Food Network show looking for your favorite outrageous food

Sunshine was recommended when we were in that neck of the woods only a few miles away visiting a kennel. We were starving and the thought of filling our bellies with a juicy burger was beyond temptation. Loved the whole "hole in the wall" atmosphere, but when our wait for our patties exceeded 15 minutes our prolonged gazes around the place almost scared us. I get the laid back scene, but nothing is wrong with a good scrub brush when you are handling food. Forty year old soot and grease stains went from kitschy to maybe we should get outta here.

Although the finished product looked very tasty, our buds where underwhelmed. The buns were stale and brittle but still soft, a result I am sure only achieved by mucho preservatives. The bread to meat ratio didn't quite balance, and the end result was to toss half of the sandwich in a nearby garbage bin. Would love to hear some other folks comments on a different thread, but we won't be making a return visit.

Need suggestions for Annapolis area eats

Jalapenos on Forest Drive across from the behemoth Town Centre in Parole is still going strong. Unappealing from the outside, the decor improves once through the doors. The Spanish/Mexican cuisine continues to be delicious and inventive. Hell Point Seafood has finally improved after a rough start. Pricey but delicious food with attention to ingredients, plating, presentation and service.

Severn Inn's pub menu (served from 2:00 p.m. to close) is really good with an excellent selection of seafood and other nibbles and some creative preparations of local stand by dishes like crab cakes.

I really like Osteria 177 as mentioned before, but the reopened Ristorante Piccola Roma is also good. (Both in the historic district on Main St). Not as creative, but still a decent Italian meal. Carpaccio's in the new Westin, is part of a chain of eateries, but some of their offerings are very good, and the atmosphere is hip and fun when there are enough folks to liven the place up.

Located on West St., Level, another new arrival, focuses on specialty drinks and small plates utilizing local sources. We had a great time there and the drinks and food were delicious. I know Harry Browne's has been around for awhile, but I have yet to have a bad meal there. It's location across from the State House in a historic building adds to the charm.

Osteria 177
177 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Piccola Roma Restaurant
200 Main St, Annapolis, MD 21401

Harry Browne's
66 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

Lithuanians, need help finding krupnikas

Thanks, I will try it. I speak the language so I will call and see if they carry it. I figured someone has to have it in Lemont. I grew up in Chicago so am familiar with the hoods. Thanks!

Oct 02, 2010
BontheC in Chicago Area

Lithuanians, need help finding krupnikas

My mom usually makes this honey liquor but I have some friends looking to buy some in the Chicago area. I called Grand Dukes, but they don't carry it and they basically have everything Lithuanian. Any suggestions?

Oct 02, 2010
BontheC in Chicago Area

Good Food near Crofton, MD

Hi, I came in late in the game and I read every post more or less so I hope I'm not repeating myself here. Live in Annapolis, so most suggestions will be in the area.

Jalapenos- (Forest Drive in Forest Plaza) Looks like nothing since it's squeezed into a strip mall and overshadowed by the new Annapolis Towne Center, but the food never disappoints. Spanish/mexican. Tapas are the way to go and boy some of them are just drool worthy such as the roasted peppers stuffed with crab, chorizo enchiladas in mole sauce, and buttered salmon with a lemon caper drizzle. So much to choose from.

Les Folies (Riva Road very close to Jalapenos) French. Awesome raw bar, with oyster selections from both coasts, very well executed bistro favorites like steak frites. Boring from the outside, but lively with great atmosphere inside.

Severn Inn - (1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd) Location unbeatable for this area. Very large outdoor decks, perched on the Severn River overlooking the Naval Academy. Fun to watch the boat traffic. They have had their highs and lows and we gave up on them but came back recently. Their pub menu served from 2:00 p.m. is the star here. We only go for that. Great eclectic selections, plenty of seafood -crab cakes with fried green tomatoes, lobster mac-n-cheese, crab bisque, garlicky mussels with frites, cheese plate, etc

Hell Point Seafood - (Chef Owned) Dowtown Annapolis, historic district. Had a rough start but have eaten lunch here 6 times. Prices are just too ridiculous for us to go for dinner so that is why we stick to lunch and that can still squeeze the wallet. Lots of creative touches here. Normal sounding dishes like fish and chips always come with some special twist. Lots of great choices from seafood to sandwiches like lobster rolls and reubens. Menu changes often.

There are some more but I have run out of time. Happy eating.

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Anybody eat at Annapolis Hell Point lately?

I have been there on several occassions but for lunch only. Their prices are still steep, but for a mid day meal they are a bit more easy to swallow. We enjoyed everything we had from the fish and chips, seafood pasta, to the fish tacos, and pork belly reuben. Service was much improved, food flavorful and fresh, and overall experience very positive.

70th birthday party in vicinity of Annapolis

I live in Annapolis and we kind of gave up on the Severn Inn, but decided to revisit it. We have had some excellent experiences lately. Parking is ample, outside deck is huge and overlooks the Severn River and the Naval Academy. Service has been gracious and their menu has been tweaked with both creative and straight forward offerings. You may want to take a look.

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Cream of Crab Soup-Anne Arundel County

Totally agree with the soup @ Edgewater Restaurant, it is completely decadent, rich, not overly creamy like some that are thickened with roux, lots of jumbo lump....the best we have had anywhere. We go to Pirate's Cove quite often since it is convenient, and I would not even put their soup in a category with Edgewater's. (By the way, it is not far from the Wharfside, maybe a couple of miles.

Need Recommendation: Where can I buy good pizza shells (crust)?

We buy the dough balls at Trader Joe's for 99 cents. (white and whole wheat) They are really forgiving and not filled with unnecessary ingredients. You can even throw them in the freezer then just let them come to room temperature. We rarely get take-out. I'm from Chicago, and lived in NY so pizzas here just don't cut it, but the ones we make at home are awesome.

weekend in Annapolis

At this point I would stay away from the newly opened Hell's Point Seafood. Tom S. (can't spell his name correctly) a food critic from the Washington Post gave it a pretty poor rating, and he is well acquainted with the the chef's other restaurant in the District that gets rave reviews. It's just too spotty for food and service at this time to shell out the kind of money they want for mediocre eats.

Osteria 177 on Main St. in the historic district is excellent. The mediteranean menu is diverse, creative and the atmosphere is fun and unusual. I've lived here for 6 years, and have had some of my best meals here. Piccolo Roma, also on Main St. was a well loved Italian place that had closed. News is it has reopened, but no reviews yet.

Definitely concur with Lewnes, great pubby atmosphere and amazing steaks glazed with butter. Not a fan of Chick & Ruth's, if a deli can't make a tasty sandwich, what's the point? If you would like a nice juicy burger with shoestring fries, head to Davis' pub in Eastport. A very local place that is steps from the waterfront that dishes out some good standard grub.

Another casual eatery in Eastport is the Boatyard Bar & Grill. Very popular, eclectic menu, and voted one of the World's top sailing bars. Sailors from all over the world belly up to the bar, and it makes for a lively and fun atmosphere. It's family oriented too, so no conjuring up images of one-eyed, toothless pirates.

If you want a quick bite, head to the Potato Valley Cafe. Folks swear by their piping hot roasted spuds with endless toppings. If you want something sweet, Annapolis has two cupcake shops, many ice cream places and Aromi D'Italia that offers a variety of homemade gelato.

If you like Irish pubs, Galway Bay on Maryland Avenue fits the bill and they make a mean crab cake. If you are just looking to grab a sandwich and eat outside near the harbor, there are a few excellent places to get creative sandwiches and soups. One is in the newly opened Market House, Atwaters, and the other is The Big Cheese/ Sammy's Deli steps off the waterfront on Randall Street. You can find great bread and a variety of hot and cold sandwiches.

Annapolis may not have too many award winning restaurants, but at least there is a nice variety of places, and you don't have to walk too far to experience them.

Annapolis- Butcher's Block and Wild Caught Seafood

The correct name of the seafood market is "Wild Country Seafood", and it is owned by the last full-time watermen in Eastport, the Mahoneys. Father and son still go out everyday to catch and then sell the crabs at their market. (This is what makes this place truly special as their is no other outfit of this kind in the Annapolis area)

You are certainly right that you cannot even compare this establishment to Mike's for many reasons besides the fact that the latter is a full service restaurant. Besides, Mike's freely admits to importing their crabs from LA or TX. Apples and Oranges here.

Cantler's does still have a hand in doing their own crabbing so most of the crabs they sell is local, but again, it is a restaurant and therefore also not comparable. Their prices are never considered too reasonable especially after the onslaught of Food Network Shows and other publicity that has everyone headed to this shack, guaranteeing top dollar.

My Butcher & More just relocated from Crofton to Annapolis so it will be interesting to see how they do being just miles apart from the other store. I've had more experience with the Butcher Block and I have to say their customer service is top notch. I bought some prime rib-eye awhile back and it just didn't live up to the price or the promise. I contacted them right away to let them know in case I may have been slipped a choice by mistake. They immediately invited me back and presented me with a gigantic slab of prime beef that was delicious. I certainly will try My Butcher and More too to give them some business, but I certainly am happy with Butcher Block.

Whatever the reason, I am certainly glad to see Annapolis upping the ante. This area is ripe with folks that are well traveled, well educated, have well seasoned palates and have the discretionary income to support higher end establishments. Now if only the restaurant owners would take notice, and quit bombarding us with every form of crab mutation imaginable, and put some effort into upgrading their inconsistant, mediocre and unimaginitive food. Maybe that's why two prime establishments can co-exist. Everyone is cooking at home.

Metro Silver Diner - Annapolis

I have been there twice and it's ok.. What is nice is that they have healthier options than most diners. Their half sandwich half salad entrees are a nice change and aren't fat laden like most diner foods. The sliders were just fair. I think they may find that many customers find all the techno gizmo stuff confusing. We stood forever because the groups in front of us had no idea what they were doing at the kiosks and would not ask for help. It was frustrating to watch them endlessly and aimlessly operate the touch screen with disasterous results.

Pretzel Baguettes at Whole Foods

I have bought the pretzel rolls at WholeFoods in Annapolis and they are excellent. Nice crunchy exterior with a soft center. Nice change for sandwich making. I would imagine that the baguette is similar just a different shape.

downtown annapolis farmer's market

Has anyone been here recently? Last year I went all the time just for the magificent mushrooms, but the three times I have visited this summer, they were not there.

St. Michael's Md--- best seafood restos

If it's only crab pickin and a view than the Crab Claw will suffice. Everything else is a lower standard than cafeteria food and is an embarrasment. We boat to St. Micheals quite often and it used to be a place we frequented.

This year, we decided to find a new place for our traditional meal. After eating clam chowder that tasted like it came from a can, and spending most of our meal trying to find the flounder in our fish sandwich, we said uncle.

If you are hankering for things other than blues, visit Bistro St. Michaels, 208 Talbot, Key Lime Cafe, and Ava's Pizzeria and Wine Bar.

Anniversary weekend trip to Annapolis

Well initial negotiations had mentioned bringing in Annapolis Seafood Co. which has about 5 outlets now. They offer fresh fish, local crabs, seafood, shellfish at the stores in a market setting, but they also prepare them offering seafood baskets with fries, coleslaw and hushpuppies. They are local so it would be nice to see them join the mix..

What's good in Annapolis?

Hmmm. Hell's Point has gotten rotten reviews. The Washington Post magazine (reviewer Tom Sietsema) just gave it 1 1/2 stars in last weeks edition. The only somewhat favorable comments were about the appetizers. The entrees, according to the reviewer, were a bust. If you read another thread about this restaurant on chowhound the responses have been underwhelming.

Considering this is a venture from a very highly acclaimed DC chef Bob Kindead (of Kinkead's in Foggy Bottom) , big things were expected and so far it hasn't delivered. The prices even for lunch apps are well over $10. If you want to take a risk by blowing a lot of money on inconsistant service and food, it's your call.

I do plan on going since I often assist Annapolis visitors by recommending restaurants, however, with the majority of experiences being poor, I will abstain from adding it to my list. If I only had one night to dine out in Annapolis, I would prefer a place with a better track record.

What's good in Annapolis?

First, I have lived in Annapolis for six years and love to eat out. I'm an avid reader of various foodie mags, enjoy cooking shows and love to create things in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, in a world of 32 flavors, I would say that Annapolis is in the vanilla category. It can't seem to overcome the need to cater to the tourist rather than the residents, as such, almost every place has some blue crab concoction, whether a crab cake, ball, cocktail, dip, imperial, omelet, etc. Since the crab population has dwindled, a lot of the stuff isn't even created with local crab. Much is shipped in from overseas or other Eastern States.

Rockfish or striped bass is also popular on a lot of menus since that is the main fish from the bay. Oysters are also in abundant in season, and they do come from local waters.

In this day of globalism, it's hard to think of anything here that can't be gotten elsewhere. Afterall, it isn't an exotic far away location. That said, I would think the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab will soon be something that will be a rarity if it is not already. Can you get it in DC? Sure. But I think the places you can get it fresh from the watermen caught that day is probably the most unique thing you are going to find here.

Not sure if you have ever partaked in hard shell crab eating but it is a messy business and can be off putting by all the non eating parts and pieces of this crustacean. Best place for local crabs is Cantler's. It isn't in the historic district and it is a bit hard to find but at least what they serve is genuine. It's been featured on many a foodie show, so the place is always packed. Go very early if you don't want to be in a line of cars waiting for a place to park. Wouldn't recommend anything but the hardshells.

Don't care anymore about getting something truly Annapolitan? Osteria 177 on Main Street has excellent Mediterranean/coastal cuisine and they use organic ingredients.

Anniversary weekend trip to Annapolis

Not sure if you are familiar with Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, but it is one of the largest and finest nurseries in the state if not the region. They also sell all kinds of garden and outdoor related products. They are currently selling some plants and local veggies and fruits (peaches, tomatoes, corn etc.) Atwaters bakery has taken over about 3-4 stalls and is offering all kinds of wonderful breads, pastries, pies, sandwiches, jams, honey, and other goodies. There is a flower shop there now and Viccaro's Italian Pastry/bakery is still there. It looks a bit disheveled but at least there seems to be a pulse.

Anniversary weekend trip to Annapolis

I think you will have a great time in Annapolis. Here are a few suggestions:

49 West Coffeehouse: for some good joe, and delicious treats. Very eclectic, artsy and not too far from the Westin.

Aromi D'Italia - Right near the harbor, enjoy the wide variety of gelato.

Osteria 177 - Our favorite dining spot in the historic district. Coastal Italian-Mediterranean Cuisine. Elegant dining right on Main Street. Excellent, fresh food with a wide variety. Plenty of seafood offerings.

Boatyard Bar & Grill - In Eastport, a sailor's bar/restaurant with decent food, fun atmosphere, large selection of libations. You'll often overhear tales from very salty dogs who may have traveled in from New England, Africa, even Australia.

Davis' Pub- A total local dive right near the water in Eastport. If you want to be a part of the Eastport experience, plunk yourselves down at an outside picnic table, order some juicy burgers and super crisp fries, and enjoy the local scene while sipping on some cold beer.

Definitely ditto on Pusser's for a drink and/or Ram's Head, but f the weather is not great, you may want to have a drink at the Chart House if it is not packed with diners waiting for tables. The two story glass in the bar overlooks the harbor and historic Annapolis (in Eastport). A water taxi can deliver you right to the dock. Also near your hotel is Jerry's Seafood. I wouldn't eat there, but would go to the roof top bar for a drink.

As for other activities......Main Street and upper West Street houses most of the restaurants, shops, boutiques, eateries, etc. A great place for a stroll. Don't forget to walk around State Circle and visit Maryland Avenue which also has some interesting shops.

I would stop into the Visitor's center which is off of Church Circle almost across the street from Ram's Head Tavern. They will have a map, and other information where you can do your own walking tour. There are many historical buildings that you don't have to tour but walking the cobblestone streets and seeing the architecture is worthwhile. You may want to take a quick peek inside the State House, visit the Naval Academy (the visitor's center is right on the water with interesting artifacts and displays). You can walk the campus which is beautiful but an ID is required for entry.

Get out on the water either with Watermark Cruises, Woodwind I & II schooners, or power the vessel yourself in rented kayaks, sea doo's or small powerboats.

The Market house has some interesting vendors now so take a peek in there. It is right on the water. Also, there is a small Farmer's Market on Sundays in a parking lot to the right of Ego Alley as you stand facing the water.

Enjoy your time and happy Anniversary!

Good eats in Columbus GA

Will be traveling there in two weeks. Did a search and this city doesn't seem to get too many inquiries. Looking for good local spots, bbq, steak (or someplace for a special night out), and any place where we can get something we can't in Annapolis MD.

Aug 11, 2009
BontheC in General South Archive

Best Seafood in/around Easton, MD?

Well this may be too late for this poster, but if anyone is contemplating the Crab Claw, please reconsider if you really want good food. Doing the hard shell crab, probably not a problem, but everything else has literally been terrible.

We are boaters, so we cruise to St. Michael's quite often. Since the Claw allows dogs, we have made it a tradition to visit either for lunch or dinner. In the past month, we have been there twice and vowed not to go there again.

Their menu has shrunk, so what should provide the kitchen more focus, it instead has sunk to a new low.

The clam chowder tasted like it came right out of a Campbell Soup can. The fried flounder sandwich was like a where's waldo game trying to find the fish. Most of what we found was breading and it had been fried to a deep maple syrup hue. Not quite the result you look for in fried foods. We are quite sure the poor flounder dissolved in the blistering oil.

Like most waterfront places, they think the ambiance and the view will continue to carry them regardless of what they churn out of their kitchen. Well it's lost its charm on us and we are no longer going to take the bait.

Crab Prices

A friend who has been eating crab here for the last 45 years suggested this place as he said the crabs were the best he's ever had and this guy eats crabs. So last week we bought a dozen jumbos from the Crab Galley in Bowie for $70. They also have a location in Odenton.

I am in no way an expert on local blue crab as I want to do my part to conserve and protect them so that we will have them around in the future. So this is the first time I bought them after living here for 6 years. It was expensive but there was quite a bit of meat.

I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but we live on the waterfront and can catch plenty of crabs ourselves but don't. We decided to do the whole Maryland experience because we had some special guests coming in from out of state.

As a previous poster mentioned, the jumbos have more meat by far. (Have seen friends eating other sizes @ restaurants). The claws are much larger as are the bodies which results in bigger lumps and more backfin meat. We had enough meat left over to make small crab cakes.