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Live Blue Crabs served up in Tampa Bay Area restaurants?

We're trying to locate restaurants within an hour of Tampa Bay that serve steamed, Maryland Style or Garlic blue crabs. We remember fondly sitting around a paper covered table with a hole in the center and spending the evening cracking crabs. Would love to have at it again!

Any recommendations?

Apr 08, 2012
jandn73 in Florida

"One Love" Jamaican in Hendersonville, NC has Closed

Aug 01, 2010
jandn73 in Southeast

"One Love" Jamaican in Hendersonville, NC has Closed

Called and phone was disconnected. Drove by today and sign on building indicates a BBQ restaurant will be opening soon. Just as I discover a quality, interesting, inexpensive restaurant with terrific service, it's gone.

Does any body have any details?

Jul 31, 2010
jandn73 in Southeast