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The Headquarters at Seaport Village. .

Bird Rock is expanding to Little Italy!

Dec 05, 2013
mcgrue in San Diego

"Craft Beer" now available in "beer floats".

They serve a beer comparable to Château d'Yquem in an ice cream float? Quelle horreur! I can understand your frustration!

Which beer is it?

Aug 07, 2013
mcgrue in Beer

"Craft Beer" now available in "beer floats".

I sometimes combine wine and butter and serve it with fish.

Aug 07, 2013
mcgrue in Beer

Stone Brewing Co at Liberty Station - great space!

I had a different reaction to the look and ambience.

Thousands of sailors passed through these rooms sixty years ago, and it was an active Navy base only fifteen short years ago. In the redevelopment of NTC San Diego, they didn't try to hide the history of the place. There are anchors, chains, guns, flags, and naval signage all over Liberty Station.

I wish that Stone had taken some interior design cues from the historic setting and building, but instead, they did their best to fight it. There are big slabs of stone, water features, curtains and gargoyles all over the bar and dining room. Walking in from the outside, the medieval design elements were unexpectedly incongruous, and it left me feeling like I was having a manufactured "Epcot" experience. Curious decision.

The beer, of course, is outstanding — although I found myself wishing that the beer menu was grouped by style, instead of by brewer. Or maybe in addition to brewer. And I enjoyed my salad.

Jun 04, 2013
mcgrue in San Diego

Rehearsal Dinner in San Diego to bring in in-n-out and chicago style pizza

Burgers and pizza? Sounds like a perfect event for the historic Firehouse Museum downtown, in Little Italy. They have a full kitchen, a bar area, a lot of space, many old trucks and other equipment on display, and a very reasonable price. It's a unique venue that will leave an impression. There's a big "meeting room" in the back, but the more interesting stuff is up front. You can mingle in the museum, food in hand. (The pictures on their website don't do it justice. If this sounds remotely interesting, I encourage you to visit in person.)

Sep 05, 2011
mcgrue in San Diego

Whisknladle coming to Little Italy?

It's true, it's true. I received this in the mail.

Aug 01, 2011
mcgrue in San Diego

Best way for my brother to learn about good drinks and cocktail culture?

What is the best way to introduce a well-intentioned and enthusiastic person to good cocktails? I have a good relationship with my brother, and he'd benefit from some education from someone who knows a thing or two about mixing drinks.

He's enthusiastic about drinks, he loves to entertain, he can stock his bar with the right ingredients. Unfortunately, he'll mix a little vodka with some fruit juice, put it in a stemmed glass, and call it a martini.

I'd love to teach him how to stock his cabinet. How to mix a drink. How to think about rye and bitters. Honor tradition. Learn about new trends. And, selfishly, I'd love for someone in the family to be able to make a good drink. ; )

Bartending classes aren't out of the question, but they have to be the right kind of classes. I'd err on the side of "put on a bow tie and learn about prohibition cocktails" over "torn jeans and rum n Coke" classes.

He's near Philadelphia. Any suggestions on what I can do? Any books, people, classes or bars I should know about?

Jan 25, 2011
mcgrue in Spirits

Downtown reccomendation w/ preferences

Currant's menu:
ROASTED BEER CAN CHICKEN: rosemary brined, porcini & leek gravy, mashed potatoes.

Unofficial translation: It's a chicken that they keep overnight in a bag of salty water and herbs, squat over a hot can of Bud and roast til it's tender, and then serve in a mild sauce of mushrooms and onions with a side of mashers.

Sounds like good food to me. ; )

Sep 03, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

Downtown reccomendation w/ preferences

In addition to Starlite, here are my recs:

o Cafe Chloe. It's in the Gaslamp, and it's one of my regular haunts. Consider getting a $15 cocktail across the street at Noble Experiment, if you can figure out how to get on The List.

o Bencotto Italian Kitchen. It's in Little Italy. Relatively new place with a great vibe and great pasta. If you're up for it, get some gelato a few blocks away at Pappalecco.

o Cowboy Star. It's a short walk from the Gaslamp. Grass-fed steak (and other stuff) with an upscale Western vibe.

o Cucina Urbana. It's in Banker's Hill, so it's a short drive from Little Italy / downtown. "California-inspired Italian kitchen".

Sep 01, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

Alpine Brewpub

Alpine is my favorite brewery in San Diego too. On those Saturdays when I'm feeling extravagant, I'll load the car up with some friends and five empty growlers and make the pilgrimage to Alpine. I'm a big fan of Nelson and Duet. The wife likes Captain Stout.

We are trying to work through these differences.

Aug 31, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

Hatch Green Chile

According to the Fall 2008 issue of Edible San Diego (

Richies Roasted Peppers
619 204.6163

Aug 23, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

What is good around the SD cruise ship terminal?

Two years ago I would have comfortably written off the pizza in Little Italy, but now I suggest you try Landini's. They offer some great thin-crust NY style slices, and they have a few taps of beer to wash it all down. Get a slice of their spinach & ricotta white pizza. They're on India near Fir.

Formerly associated with Luigi's, but they have now parted ways.

Aug 21, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

Portugese Custard Tarts - Where can I find them?

I've been watching this thread like a hawk. I fell in love with the pastel de nata, the Portuguese egg tart, on a trip to Toronto a few years ago. Upon returning to San Diego, I scoured the landscape for something comparable, but I was disappointed.

I second the recommendation for Natas Pastries in Sherman Oaks. When I find myself 140 miles north of here, I try to make the trip for a box of their stuff.

The Chinese egg tart might be a derivative of the natas. The Portuguese colonized Macau in the 1500s, and they finally gave up any claim to the area about a decade ago — plenty of time for cross-pollination of foods. I strongly prefer the custard and flaky crust of the Portuguese version.

Aug 03, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego

Hatch Green Chile

Richie's Roasted Peppers, the chile vendor at the Little Italy Mercado, is taking orders as of this morning. $85 for a 30 lb bag, although smaller quantities are also available. He'll offer three varieties:

New Mexico Big Jim (medium heat), Sandia (hot), Barker's (extra hot)

There's a small window of time for ordering, so get on it if you're interested.

(For comparison, Albertson's will be charging $33 for 30 lbs. Are these the same chiles?)

Jul 31, 2010
mcgrue in San Diego