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Chargilled Oysters on the Half Shell

Wow, couldn't disagree more on Dodies chargrilled oysters - one of my favorite appetizers in town. Sure, they aren't on the same level as Drago's, but I'm a big fan. Of course I've only had them at the original location on lower greenville. I know that the food quality at Dodies' other locations not nearly as good.

May 30, 2012
menczer in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where is the best biscuits and gravy?

Best I've had are at John's Cafe on lower greenville.
Worst I've had were at the All Good Cafe in Deep Ellum.

Jan 31, 2011
menczer in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

I've tried most on this list, but the Stodg burger at the Porch on Henderson is the best I've had. The foire butter and fried egg are unusual, but add a richness of flavor that no one else has matched. Other top choices include:

-Neighborhood Services Tavern Burger
-The Southwest Burger at Kelly's Eastside
-Cheeseburger at Maple and Motor
-Cheeseburger at Lee Harvey's

Kelly's Eastside
1422 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074

Lee Harvey's
1807 Gould St, Dallas, TX 75215

Jan 10, 2011
menczer in Dallas - Fort Worth

10 Best things to eat in Chicago

What about off the menu recs? Looking forward to seeing some hounder ideas in some top ten lists.

Aug 08, 2010
menczer in Chicago Area

10 Best things to eat in Chicago

I stole this from another board where it was stolen from another.

Not 10 best places-just the 10 best individual things to eat.

1. cheeseburger at moody's
2. special stuffed pizza at giordanos
3. hotdog and gene and judes
4. italian beef at portillos
5. bone in veal chop at Chop House
6. sausage onion, bell pepper and mushroom buttercrust deepdish at lou malnatis
7. duck fat fries at Hot dougs
8. seared scallop salad at hugo's frog bar
9. ?
10. ??

Jul 31, 2010
menczer in Chicago Area

10 best things to eat in Dallas

Many of my favorites have already been mentioned so I'll limit this list to items/places not previously listed:

1. Cubano Torta @ La VIctoria - Has little in common with a traditional cuban sandwich, but is nothing short of incredible. Maybe my favorite sandwich in all of Dallas.

2. Jerk Chicken with hot water cornbread @ Elaine's - Messy as all get out, but delicious none the less. Even better if you get a meat patty to mop up the copious left over sauce.

3. Gyro Omlete @ John's Cafe - a Lakewood hallmark,. Makes my mouth water just thinking about my favorite breakfast spot. Owned and operated by Grecian ex-pat, it's the perfect place to spend sunday mornings in the fall.

4. Softshell Crab with Bienville Sauce @ Dodies - rich and heavy, but wonderfully satisfying. No better way to consume three days worth of transfat.

5. Canolli @ Jimmy's - as close as I've found to what we got up in New England since we moved to Texas ... in 1985.

6. Tavern Favorite @ Bryan Street Tavern - Loaded with Jimmy's sausage and fresh veggies with a surprisingly crisp yet chewy crust. Rapidly shooting up my local pizza heiraechy.

7. Bob Armstrong Dip @ Matts El Rancho - Simple yet wonderful, its the perfect play off of traditional queso.

8. Drago's Style Charbroiled Oysters @ Dodies - while falling well short of their namesake, still provides delicious flavor in a pool of rich garlic butter. Warning, if you don't like a heavy dose of garlic, avoid this one.

9. The Stodg @ the Porch - Not a huge fan of this place as it is generally overpriced, but I've tried nearly all of the burgers on previously listed, and the stodg smokes them all. Fantastic foie-buttered bun and topped with a fried egg, it definitely falls in the "fancy burger" category. But my god it is good.

10. Steamed Mussels @ Neighborhood Services - Typically one my least favorite seafood items, these are plump and juicy with none of the chewiness that generally ruins such dishes for me. It also helps that they are served in a chorizo broth that demands to be sopped up with bread.

Neighborhood Services
5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

Jul 30, 2010
menczer in Dallas - Fort Worth