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Cupcake Help! Please:)

ok thank you all! and i have made cupcakes from a mix i just have to experiment now. just one more question, do they bake for 14 or 15 minutes?

Aug 02, 2010
DumbDiddly in Home Cooking

Caramel Cupcake Recipe?

Does anyone have a good home made caramel cupcake recipe that they can post here?

I appreciate it, Thank You :)

Aug 01, 2010
DumbDiddly in Home Cooking

Cupcake Help! Please:)

Hello my name is Joseph and i'm 17 years old and am an aspiring cook/actor. I am the only close thing to a cook in my family so i have questions. This one is my biggest question.
What is needed as a base for cupcakes and frosting.
What ingredients do i need and how much flavoring do i use?
Also how long do i let them bake in the oven and at what temperature?
My goal is to be able to make different flavored home made cupcakes and frosting.

Thanks so much in advance I hope my question was clear enough. =)

Jul 30, 2010
DumbDiddly in Home Cooking