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Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Thanks for correcting my mistake. I don't know how I made that error.

Jul 11, 2011
tucdan in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

"El Charro" is way overrated. It joined a conglomerate and expanded, but the food is no longer the same. Strongly recommend restaurants such as "Rigo's across from the dog track at 36th St. and 4th ave. Diagonally across from Rigo's is "Crossroads," also a long time favorite. Farther up 6th ave, across from the extremely overated "Mi nidito" is "Guillermo's LL" restautant. On the northr side of town is the "Guadalajara Grill". It is very good and very popular.

The yuppie favorite, "Mi nidito,"with their traditional tacos dorados, .popular with those who read the papers but wouldn't know mexicn food if they were choking on it, is much better than "El charro" . Other oldy but goody favorites "El torero" (near 22nd St and S. 6th Ave)and "Lujan's" at Broadway and Campball. If you want tamales, don't be bamboozled into going to the gringo favorite tamale store just east of Tucson Blvd. when you can get the REAL THING at "Lujan's", across from Safeway on Broadway, just east of Campball Ave.

Jul 10, 2011
tucdan in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

The majority of STREETS in Tucson go east and west. The majority of AVENUES in Tucson go north and south. Stone Avenue divides east and west, Broadway divides north and south. There are numbered STREETS and AVENUES. You want SOUTH 4th Avenue for the majority of the really good and old Mexican restaurants. For the most part these are along 4th avenue from 22nd Street to the Freeway (I-10) -- (by really good I mean Sonoran mexican food, not Tex-Mex).

Maya Questzal on North 4th Ave is a Guatemalan restaurant (The Quetzal is a beautiful bird and the monetary unit of Guatemala.

North 4th Ave, north of the underpass to University Blve (1st St.) is a fun shopping, dining and dining experience in Tucson, especially on the weekends.

There are many fine Sonoran mexican food restaurants in Tucson.

Much like the expression that one man's trash is another's gold, so is mexican food. Having lived here for about 50 years, I find that people who grew up in Arizona really enjoy the local restaurants and will lead you to the old reliable & usually family-run restaurants. Others will lead you to the first or second place they ever tried in town -- that could be the chain restaurant "On the border." Some may like "La Parilla Suiza", a chain out of Mexico City with locations in Mexico City and Guadalajara as well as Tucson. They serve consistently good, Mexico City style food but I think they are pricey.

If you like Tex-Mex you may not find it in Tucson, but remember, Mexican food, just like Italian food, is regional. I don't remember eating soft tacos in the 50s and 60s, but they are everywhere today. Fish tacos were not common. Sometimes tacos were "caseros" with a patty of meat or some other meat or chile, peas, potatoes, lettuce or cabbage and white queso cotija -- usually not yellow cheese.

There are times that you may think you are ordering something that you are familiar with and you may receive something different. Chalupas are prepared at Taco Bell, tostadas (essentially a chalupa) are served in most Tucson mexican restaurants.

Soooo, when you eat in almost any of the great Mexican restaurants in Tucson,, expect them to vary much like the difference between your mother's sloppy joes are not the same as your friend's mother's sloppy joes. But they are both probably good.

A rose, is a rose, is a rose, but in Tucson a Chalupa may be a Tostada. Try it, you'll like it.

Jul 30, 2010
tucdan in Southwest