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Emeril Enameled Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch Oven

I purchased the 6-quart enameled Dutch Oven at BBB a few weeks ago, and have made some gumbo and the pot roast. So far, it has worked great, and I really like it. The pot roast is really great; gonna make another tonight. (Only problem with the recipe is you need more than 4 tablespoons of oil).

I was initially looking for a simple cast-iron dutch oven, but didn't find any, and, the Emeril was the only one they had. So I bought it anyway; I guess easier to clean. Yes, I now have a small chip on the handle....but you gotta remember that you cannot just bang this thing around without expecting some dings. I keep mine in the original box. The enamel (probably actually porcelin) is like glass that has been fused to the cast iron...it's not enamel paint.


Jul 30, 2010
mcload in Cookware