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Emeril Enameled Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch Oven

I purchased the 6-quart enameled Dutch Oven at BBB a few weeks ago, and have made some gumbo and the pot roast. So far, it has worked great, and I really like it. The pot roast is really great; gonna make another tonight. (Only problem with the recipe is you need more than 4 tablespoons of oil).

I was initially looking for a simple cast-iron dutch oven, but didn't find any, and, the Emeril was the only one they had. So I bought it anyway; I guess easier to clean. Yes, I now have a small chip on the handle....but you gotta remember that you cannot just bang this thing around without expecting some dings. I keep mine in the original box. The enamel (probably actually porcelin) is like glass that has been fused to the cast's not enamel paint.


Jul 30, 2010
mcload in Cookware