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Dining With View of the City

I think Robert might work for you...
It's the restaurent on the 9th floor of the museum of Interior Design right on Columbus Circle - Continental food which is pretty good (I've only been for brunch) with floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views - both city and park views...

Oct 22, 2010
eturdo in Manhattan

XMass day Dinner suggestions

For many years, my husband and I have taken my elderly parents to Tavern on the Green for Christmas day. They so enjoyed the atmosphere, the lights, decor, etc. Of course, the food was not the greatest, but they loved the atmosphere. Can anyone suggest an alternative for this year? We looked at One if By Land, but the menu is really really terrible...

Thanks so much...

Oct 22, 2010
eturdo in Manhattan

How to change user name

How do you change your user name?

Jun 25, 2006
eturdo in Site Talk

Del Posto tomorrow - Is there anything I MUST have (it's my b-day)

First, just wanted to say how great the new site is!!!
ok - My huband and i are going to Del Posto tomrrow night for my day - anything we should absolutely not miss?


Jun 25, 2006
eturdo in Manhattan