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Boating Fare

Amazingly spot on! Thank you for the wonderful ideas. My girlfriend and I will have a whole new buffet to spread out on our next trip. I appreciate the time you took to respond.

Chow -

Aug 09, 2010
lmeiborg in General Topics

Boating Fare

Thanks all for the tips thus far! We are midwestern, fresh-water, day trippers in a 27 ft runabout: Cobalt. We mainly put some hours on, find sand bars to raft up with friends, and chow down. There are only two ladies that really "cook" for the group, so we usually prepare in bulk. I've made many a gourmet sandwich but was looking for some additional inspiration, as that fare is getting a bit old. Mayonnaise and cheesy items are waring out their welcome...

Thanks for all the replies!

Aug 02, 2010
lmeiborg in General Topics

Boating Fare

We are big boating enthusiasts and I am a big food enthusiast. Often, food, boating, and water are a hard mix. Between the not-so-smooth conditions of the water, the inadequate refrigerator space, and the messy factor, I'm on the hunt for some travel-easy finger foods that are still wonderfully delicious!

Any ideas?

Jul 29, 2010
lmeiborg in General Topics