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By drunken mistake, i later realized i slightly undertipped...what to do? (long)

You should totally go back but make sure you know which night you were there so the right people can get the tip. They're not expecting you to come back so it would make their day. It happens on occasion and it's always so nice.

Best crabcakes in Annapolis?

I am in Annapolis for two weeks doing a show. It's my first time here and I feel like I should have crabcakes. Since I am new to this board, I thought it would be a great post for a newbie.

Anyone have a suggestion of where I should go for Saturday lunch for a great crabcake?

Sonoma + First night in town casual dinner?

We also enjoyed the Gundlach Bundschu Winery very much!

infused vodka ideas?

A friend of mine is having an Infusion party where guests are supposed to be super creative and infuse their own vodka and then make a cocktail with it. We were joking that a fried chicken infused vodka would be yummy with a mashed potato rim and a gravy back. But then I heard abou a bacon infused vodka that was being served in New York City!

I loves me some creative cocktails. Just returned from a San Francisco/Portland vacation and kept tabs of all my cocktails. Here's a list if you want to track them down next time you are in one of those cities:

What are your ideas for the Infusion party? Need inspiration!

Jul 29, 2010
TheBitchyWaiter in Spirits

Sonoma + First night in town casual dinner?

I was just there last week for the first time and had a great dinner at Della Santina's italian. Really great food, and a lovely garden. My fave meal there. Avoid Maya, the mexican food place. Bland, bland, bland. A local recommended Santina's and we were not disappointed. Also, look into Vella Cheese which is a block from the square. Amazing. Have fun!

Vella Cheese Company
315 2nd St E, Sonoma, CA 95476

Della Santina's
133 E Napa St, Sonoma, CA 95476