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Blackberry Kir Royale

I lived in Dijon for a while and Kir is the local drink- traditionally prepared with a white Aligoté wine. It was really good, especially drinking it where it was born. Kir Royal upped the level of the drink, though maybe not for Champagne pureists. I think the addition of blackberry syrup would be a fun twist, especially during the hot summer blackberry season. Why not?

Jul 28, 2010
April by Chance in Recipes

BYO Whiners

I don't BYO to restaurants, but I do work in a hotel that doesn't put that much effort into crafting a decent wine list- yet still charges ridiculous amounts for wine and forbids BYO even when guests and clients are willing to pay a fee. I can understand why, when exploring our wine list, people would prefer to BYO, and wish we still offered that option.

From a diners perspective, I can say there have been many times that I wish I would have brought my own because I was very disappointed in the wines recommended to me. The wrong wine can really put a damper on a nice night out, the right wine can make it perfect. I've started avoiding establishments that don't cater to my wine preferences. If having a good wine list isn't top priority of a restaurant- if they aren't staffing sommeliers- then there is absolutely no reason that wine with a corkage fee shouldn't be welcomed, it might even help them keep people like me who will just go somewhere else.

Jul 28, 2010
April by Chance in Features