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Dog friendly?

trying to find one near I-35 if possible, the nearer the better since I am not familiar with the area.

Apr 12, 2012
bethymeww in Austin

Dog friendly?

My family is taking a trip to the ocean in a few weeks and were going to meet some family near Austin for lunch. The issue we are having is we will have our dog with us and it will be day time and I don't want him in the car by himself at noon in early May. Anyone have any suggestions, I have no idea what is in Austin. We will just be having lunch and a quick visit and then back on the road.

Apr 11, 2012
bethymeww in Austin

Best Fort Worth Dessert possibly near west 7th.

I'm on the quest for an amazing dessert in Fort worth!

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary next Thursday and want to enjoy a different coarse at a different place. We know we will end up at Times Ten wine Cellar at West 7th so this place would be ideally somewhere near that area, but of course anywhere in Fort worth will do. Dessert is worth a drive. We have a son and go to all the local yogurt shops and sweet sammies with him often so we want somewhere a little more romantic and different for this date. Somewhere we don't u sally get to go. It can be a restaurant that just has good dessert or a bakery. Just something a bit different and VERY yummy!


Apr 05, 2012
bethymeww in Dallas - Fort Worth

Husbands birthday in Fort Worth

My husbands birthday is coming up and I wanted to take him somewhere nice. We live in Fort Worth and will be dropping our son off in Saginaw with his grandma so somewhere in Fort Worth or on the way to saginaw would be great since we plan on dropping him off, coming home for our first day alone since we had him, then going back to get him that night. We want to dress up a bit and go somewhere fun and maybe a bit romantic, but nothing to overly priced. We are very open to different types of food and are not big drinkers so drinks don't matter. Good food and atmosphere...

We usually go to Brix on dates....but maybe somewhere different.

2747 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Jul 28, 2010
bethymeww in Dallas - Fort Worth