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Touhenboku Ramen

I'm a ramen lover and have already tried this place twice! Once during lunch and another for dinner. Both times, we did not have to wait, however, it was on a Sat.

I had the "white" broth with sea salt on both occasions, however, I changed up the noodles and meat. I prefer the thick noodles over the thin (the second time we went for dinner, they ran out of the thick noodles) and I enjoyed both the fatty and lean cuts of pork. The chicken broth base is very different from the pork based broth but they did a good job of making the chicken broth taste rich.

We had the gyoza dumplings and they were small and ok. We tried to order the Japanese desserts for lunch but was sad to hear they only serve the desserts after 3 pm. Needless to say, I tried to time our next visit so I could try the desserts too! Had the crepes and they were good.

Overall, I enjoyed my ramen here, however, I'm still a huge fan of Sansotei for the pork based broth.

Dragon Legend in Markham disappoints BIG time for dim sum!

Dragon Pearl restaurant expands to Markham. This location is where the old Celestial Court and La Rosa banquet hall used to be.

Unlike the Dragon Pearl location, they offer dim sum at lunch time and buffet only for dinner. The decor is pretty much the same at both locations…. I don't like the dimly lit dining areas. What are they trying to hide?

We tried this place for dim sum hoping that it'll be our new "go to" place but we were sadly disappointed! The dim sum was sub-par and fairly expensive. For 4 adults and 2 children, we spent $120. The dishes were on the small side. I know it's called "dim sum" but they shouldn't be that small. The unagi rice noodle sounded interesting but it did not taste as good as it sounded. The largest dish we had was the beef ho fun noodles and it barely fit 6 bowls. The waiter should have placed all 6 bowls in front of him to portion out the noodles because by the time he got to serve the last person, there was half a bowl of noodles left. The tea pot and cups are the same as in Dragon Pearl….ridiculously small and awkwardly shaped. They had one small tea pot for the 6 of us and the pot took FOREVER to strain the tea through. They gave you a thermos pot for the hot water to refill the tea pot with but my arm got tired from trying to top up the tea pot each time. You had to wait for the water to strain through and the vessel where the tea leaves are sitting is not very large.

We will NOT be returning for dim sum, however, I would like to try the dinner buffet as I've enjoyed the one at Dragon Pearl.

Sad news...ambassador restaurant in richmond hill last day tomorrow!

Our favourite Chinese restaurant that we have been patrons of for over a decade is sadly closing after tomorrow! Don't know if it'll remain as a Chinese restaurant but it'll be a different owner.

We'll have to search out another good dim sum place, and where we'll we have our peking ducks now?

Very sad... :-(

J-Town Ramen

Recently tried J-Town's new ramen shop and must say that it "made me very happy"! The tonkotsu broth was wonderful and not too salty, the noodles were cooked just right, enjoyed the red ginger and the "char sui" was very moist and tender. YUMMY in my tummy! Also had the gyoza but it did not taste quite right to me...had a bitter after taste?!
You can order just the ramen or try the set menu (3 choices of ramen, a choice of: gyoza, salad, rice, curry,etc, PLUS choice of dessert). Service was very attentive!
Would go back for my ramen fixes!