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New Mexican Restaurant in Hartsdale

So we had the nachos, they were to dye for and also the wings they were ok. I had a chicken dish a little spicy but outstanding. Maybe im just happy theres a Mexican resturant in town. We waited 20 min for a table. We were seated next to a couple that was waiting for a table also outside. Theres no room to wait inside its a little tight. The ac was on full blast, so ladies defenitly take somthing to throw over your shoulders. I do no matter where we go. The couple we meet were soooo nice. Milly & Bob . They were celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday again Bob. Milly & I must have read the same blog about Vega. We had a great time . Vega is a nice addition to Hartsdale and i will go back . Hopefully run into Milly & Bob again.

New Mexican Restaurant in Hartsdale

Ate there last night. The food was really good. I will be going back to try more dishes.