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There is Yembol Kitchen in Irving - I believe it is Nigerian. I think the South Sudanese Restaurant in Richardson closed even before I could try it out. There used to be another Sudanese restaurant on Audelia Rd - not sure if it still exists.

Pgh: Abay v. Tana

Dec 18, 2010
pradiptaray in Pennsylvania

Tana in Pittsburgh (Ethiopian)

I put a belated comparison here :

Dec 18, 2010
pradiptaray in Pennsylvania

Which ethiopian in Pittsburgh ? Tana or Abay?

Foodiegirl, where did you finally go ? I ve been to both restaurants numerous times. Abay started off really strong in 2005, when only Ethiopian diaspora visited the place but the food became less tasty and also significantly increased in price (3 person combo platters went from $18 to around $30 i recall : quite a big jump by Pittsburgh standards, the meal is now a staggering $38.50 ) . Tana, to my knowledge, opened in 2009, and to my mind, is the new Abay. Neither of them are of the standard of, say, Awash in NYC or Etete in DC, but given a choice these days, I d go to Tana. Tana also serves Ethiopian honey wine, and an Ethiopian Stout called Hakim. Abay does serve Yergacheffe coffee and Yekemem Shai (tea), though.

Dec 18, 2010
pradiptaray in Pennsylvania

Highway bites

Hello, I'm new to Chowhound (as a poster) and to DFW (just moved here for work). I've found that oftentimes in the midwest, and southwest , the best food is not necessarily found in the entertainment district, but also along highway truck stops and small highway town main streets : made by enterprising folks from all walks of life. Three cases in point : Cookin' from Scratch : Doolittle, Missouri (off I 44), Dhillon Truck Stop : San Jon, New Mexico (off I 40), and Middle East Iraqi Restaurant : Abilene, Texas (off US 277 and US 83). We have a choice besides McDonald's style fast food provided we know where to look !

My question is : are there such good places within, say, an hour's drive of Dallas ? Places from which you pick up hearty road fare while starting off on a road trip to Corpus Christi, or Santa Fe, or Denver, or New Orleans ? Doesnt need to be car-worthy. Texas highways have enough rest areas for folks to roll down their windows and eat.

I think I ve discovered one already : an unnamed tacqueria / tortilleria / restaurant inside an Exxon gas station which serves the most awesome menudo right off exit 238 on northbound I 45. : on google maps

Any other suggestions ?

Hopefully this is the right board to post to : I m looking for highway food in and around DFW.

Conflict Kitchen: Get some lunch and learn a few things.

I think the idea is *very* cool. Food is definitely a very good device to bridge ethnocentricism and its associated problems.

The kubideh is very tasty ( I couldnt vouch for the authenticity, I ve never been to Iran), especially the bread with sesame seeds.

Cant wait for the Afghani makeover.

Jul 27, 2010
pradiptaray in Pennsylvania