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Halibut cheeks?

Any recommendations for buying halibut cheeks? I need 8-16 by Saturday. Anywhere in SF, upper peninsula, or east bay. I checked w Oakland WF; they use most of theirs.

Apr 28, 2013
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area

Prime rib in SF other than HOPR?

Alfred's...great steaks. For mains, stick with steaks (and their sides; call ahead to ask for potatoes au gratin, which are delicious). It's not flashy decor-wise, like Epic is. The vibe is old school steakhouse, and the meat is really good.

Aug 30, 2011
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area

chef from Trio Bistro?

I've been wondering whether Chantal Martin from Trio Bistro (as well as her lovely mother Kim) has been cooking anywhere since the sad end of Trio. I so miss that restaurant...

Apr 28, 2011
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area

where to buy moo shu wraps?

Thanks for the recommendations! To add more info, i've had commercial wraps bought in TX that were just like what i typically see in takeout/mid-range places. unfortunately not sold there anymore. the ones i got here in Oakland were not the same. texture/thickness different. i will definitely check out the places recommended below... and i love that people actually took the time to respond - really, really appreciate it!

Apr 21, 2011
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area

where to buy moo shu wraps?

I'm wondering where I can buy moo shu wrappers like you get at most local Chinese restaurants. Tried one place in Jack London Square - wholesale supplier - but they aren't the same. All I can find are "moc-shu" wraps which I know should work but have a very different texture.


Jack London Square
70 Washington St # 207, Oakland, CA

Apr 20, 2011
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area

Difficultly of French Laundry Reservations?

I'd actually recommend the lunch service. you're talking about a 4 hour experience, easily. I would have been down for the count halfway through if I'd done dinner instead of lunch. Well worth the effort to get the reservation...and OpenTable often has Friday lunch reservations available.

Jul 27, 2010
mimi6999 in San Francisco Bay Area