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just moved to etobicoke (29th st and lakeshore), any reccomendations?

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Near you:
Burrito Boyz (3803 Lake Shore Blvd W) - fresh, filling, cheap burritos or quesadillas

Woody's Grill (two doors down from Burrito Boyz) - gourmet burgers with incredibly tasty sides like sweet potato fries (be sure to get the chipotle mayo); other memorable offerings include poutine and hearty mac n cheese; LLBO

Totally worth the short trek (take the streetcar across Lake Shore):
Bombay on the Lake (Lake Shore @ 9th St; on the south side of Lake Shore) - satisfying Indian food; LLBO

Fifth Street Fish and Chips (Lake Shore @ 5th St; walk about half a block north on 5th) - a hole in the wall but consistently tasty; my husband craves their halibut and chips at least once a week

Lee's Thai Spring Roll (Lake Shore @ 8th St; on the north side of Lake Shore) - great atmosphere and friendly service; menu is hit or miss, but some items are fantastic, like the red curry chicken and the tofu satay; LLBO

Sweet Olenka's (Lake Shore @ 2nd; on the north side of Lake Shore) - chocolate, chocolate, amazing chocolate; oh, and ice cream

Around the Corner (Lake Shore @ 6th; walk about half a block north on 6th) - a wee bit expensive but super tasty gluten-free breakfast food; banana-chocolate french toast and berry-stuffed french toast are rich and flavourful

Totally worth the longer trek (take the 110 bus from the Long Branch loop or marked bus stops along Lake Shore):
Artisano (Islington and Titan Rd (several blocks north of Queensway)) - fantastic variety of gourmet sandwiches and salads as well as high-quality pizza, soups, pasta, and pastries; great atmosphere

Mississauga/Etobicoke restaurant for family dinner

Thanks, everyone! Snug, Rosewood, and La Veranda all fit the bill! I'll check them out. I am a little worried that the first two only seem to have two vegetarian options, so fingers crossed they allow alterations/substitutions. I'm also glad to know of these places in general. I've lived in Etobicoke for about two years now and haven't heard of them!

Mississauga/Etobicoke restaurant for family dinner

Picture this: My family. My fiance's family. They'll meet for the first time the night before the wedding. Where can we eat that will put everyone at ease?!

The party consists of 15 people, including a few lacto-vegetarians, two kids under the age of 10, and a few adults who aren't adventurous eaters (i.e. no Indian food; Spring Rolls is as Asian as they'll get). One parent's idea of a "fancy" restaurant is Canyon Creek Chophouse, but we don't want to go to a chain. That's a good point of reference in terms of price point and atmosphere, though.

We're willing to go as far north as Eglinton, as far west as Winston Churchill Blvd, and as far east as Islington. We're particularly interested in recommendations for Port Credit.

Suggestions by mid-September 2010 would be greatly appreciated!

Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA?

THANK YOU, Marciebuttercup! I was so desperate I'd asked my mom to send me some from Vancouver, but now I can get my fix in the GTA. I'm also planning on having these as favours at my fall wedding, so you've helped a hopia addict AND a bride. Thanks for the detailed info!

Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA?

Thanks, C Crouton! I've emailed them but no bites so far. These are easy to find in Asian stores in Vancouver, so I figured it would be the same here in Toronto, but since I'm not having any luck, I figured I'd ask the Chowhounders. I'm told by a Chinese friend that they're similar to moon cakes or wife cakes.

Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA?

Do you know where to find Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA? (For those wondering, hopia is a Filipino-Chinese snack consisting of flaky pastry filled with a paste made of ube (purple yam) or mungo beans.)

I'm willing to drive as far west as Mississauga, as far east as Scarborough, and as far north as Vaughan. I've already checked out T & T Supermarkets, but no luck. I know most Filipino and Chinese bakeries offer hopia, but I'm having trouble finding this particular brand.

Thank you!