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The 3000 square mile no-deep-dish zone

>What happened to your other post?
They deleted because I was being too political :-)

>I recently took a trip to Chi town and missed the opp to have good deep dish (had a >pre-made lunch time special at Giordiano's)
Funny you say that, I did the same thing the first time and was ready to write deep dish off as a tourist trap. Give Giordano's another shot when you have a few friends that can help you eat a real one.

>Uno and Due are different there than any of the chains - much like the Ledo story here.
Yup, I can confirm that.

>you're outta luck, me thinks.

Ledo Restaurant
4509 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740

The 3000 square mile no-deep-dish zone

Can anyone please tell me where to find a decent Chicago-style deep dish pizza anywhere between Woodbridge to Towson, Leesburg to Annapolis. Seriously people! I've lived here my whole life, and after several recent trips to Chicago, I've come to realize it doesn't exist in this area. Can someone please prove me wrong? Bonus points if you can narrow it down to the 270 corridor.

Armond's and Uno's "Grill" need not apply!