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Favorite food items at Disneyland (ex. Club 33)?

It's dessert and in Cali Adventure...but Clarabelle's for ice cream. The sundaes are great and they do homemade hand-dipped Mickey ice-cream bars you can customize.

good catering ideas (Mexican, maybe) for a 3 year olds birthday...

J.L. I love Loteria...great idea thank you. Yeah no chaffing dishes thranduil...and def going to check out the empanada idea. thank you everyone...

good catering ideas (Mexican, maybe) for a 3 year olds birthday...

god that sounds awesome...we're in Westchester...I don't mind driving for some good eats but that might be too far. Bacon wrapped jalapenos...umm.

good catering ideas (Mexican, maybe) for a 3 year olds birthday...

I love the taco stands but the parties I've been too you're waiting behind 20 other people for made to order tacos...which can take long. Looking for delicious efficient ideas! Realize it's a small target, so thank you in advance...

Is Bazaar Still Worth a Visit?

Makes sense. Since you are on that part of the Westside you could also check out Superba Snack Bar, maybe for lunch..It's located on Rose which is pretty much where Santa Monica ends and Venice begins. They've spent the past couple of years building it up.

Another tip, I love this website. He pretty much hits every restaurant in LA and has been to each of the ones you listed and has great write ups and photos that give you at least of sense of the vibe of the restaurant and if it's a place you want to hit:

Is Bazaar Still Worth a Visit?

...agree with going to Providence.

if you're only here for a weekend what side of town are you staying on? A-Frame, Gjelina, Tar and Roses on the Westside...UMAMIcatessan downtown and Animal Fairfax district...just something to think about so you're not spending so much time in the car.

...on your list above, I've been to them all, the 1 I'm craving again right now is Animal...

Top Five L.A. Sandwiches?

So many of my faves have been listed so I'll add a new one:

Next door by Josie...the sloppy roast pork sandwich,w/ fried rapini, aged provolone and garlic mayo

I've only had it once but have been craving it since.

2420 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Breakfast in Chicago...near the James hotel.

I loved the thread about b-fast in Chi-Town but are any of them close to the James Hotel?

I have a wedding this weekend and while my girlfriend does wedding related fun stuff I want to sneak out in the morning and grab some breakfast. I'm not going to have a car...cabbing somewhere would be fine but if there's a great place in walking distance I'm all for it.

Thank you in advance.

NYC hound in Lisbon and Evora


NYC hound in Lisbon and Evora


Vinhotinto and Nyleve were dead on with their suggestions.

Bonjardim is a PERFECT spot for lunch. The chicken is amazing and so was the vinho verde which is a must. It was such a simple yet delicious meal.

If your trip falls in August and you have your heart set on some places, make sure you check they are open. For example Cervejaria Ramiro was closed last week when we were in Lisbon. I will never be able to try the garlic shrimp that was displayed on it's website. I’m still disappointed.

The only other suggestion I would give is 100 Maneiras. It's in the Bairro Alto.

100 Maneiras
Rua do Teixeira, 35
Lisboa, Portugal, 1200-459

It was my favorite dinner in Lisbon. Each night it is a tasting menu so it changes but the food was fantastic. A side note my girlfriend is a vegetarian. We didn’t realize it was a set menu until we arrived. I’m sure they wouldn’t like me advertising this but they did a vegetarian tasting menu that worked with mine and was just as good if not better than what I had.

I can’t say enough good things about it. The service was top notch and the restaurant was small intimate, not too formal yet classy.

Lisbon is an amazing city.


Fun Place for a 30th Birthday in Santa Monica

The back patio at the C&O (Cheese & Olive). It's a solid big portions Italian restaurant on Washington by the Venice pier.

C & O Trattoria
31 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Restaurants at the new Santa Monica Place

They look huge. had a lot of photos...

Want to take advantage of an expense account dinner Westside-ish

I 2nd the Capo rec and you can't get more westside. The rigatoni with the truffle meat sauce is one of the best plates of pasta i've ever had.

1810 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Looking for a Great Steak or Prime Rib Dinner around Century City - Beverly Hills

I'm still a big fan of Mastro's Steakhouse:

Also depending on the age of your son a place that is a little more child friendly is Wolfgang's Steakhouse (not to be confused with Wolfgang Puck's Cut). The porterhouse for 2 there is delicious.

Mastro's Steakhouse
246 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
445 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Fairly cheap ocean front restaurant in Santa Monica??? Help!

I agree with the chik who likes yoga...the burger at Casa del Mar is delicious. Also There's happy hour at FIG where between 5-6pm food and drink is 50% off.

summer restaurant in Porto

Going to Porto SUN (8/15) and MON (8/16) both Foz Velha and Pedro Lemos will be closed those 2 days. We are staying on the river and I'm looking for a romantic place. I have a reservation at Cafeina but just looking for what the 2nd restaurant could be. Is it Bull&Bear, O Casa Aleixo charming romantic...too far away?