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Birthday Pie?

Well, the direction of this thread is pretty interesting. I post about birthday pie in Austin , TX and we start discussing BBQ in my home town of Birmingham, AL! I haven't lived there in over a decade but my go-to was always Full Moon BBQ.

Regarding the pie, I'm going to order from RO's outpost. The jalapeno apple was just too intriguing to resist!

Jul 28, 2010
aehlsu in Austin

Birthday Pie?

I'm getting crazy for my 30ish birthday this year and springing for birthday pie instead of the traditional cake. My first instinct is to head to Upper Crust for all of my pie needs but I want to check here first for some alternative recommendations. I'm hesitant to try Central Market/Whole Foods just because, well, it doesn't seem too exciting.

I'll be feeding about 2 dozen so I'd like to have an assortment of different pies from different places.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jul 26, 2010
aehlsu in Austin