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Saturday lunch in Hopkins with younguns. . .

We just went to the SLP Pizza Luce for brunch the other weekend and were really surprised by how kid-friendly it was! Lots of families there, the servers were great with the kids and the food came quickly. The food was good, too. (Better than we expected!)

Dec 01, 2011
AnneGV in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Cocktail/bar supplies in Minneapolis?

My husband's birthday is coming up and he wants some bar supplies. He's looking for a hawthorne strainer, the stir stick (not the technical name, but it's a long silver stick to stir drinks with), a muddler, and some pour spouts.

Does anyone know of a store in Minneapolis that sells good (as in substantial and long-lasting) bar supplies? I ask because I bought him some pour spouts from Crate & Barrel last year and they were AWFUL, but the ones my husband has his eye on right now are $200 a set at some fancy bar tool website!

Should I go to a kitchen supply store? (Never been to one!) Or would I be better off at a place like Sur La Table? Or maybe France 44?

Also does anyone know where I can get Bittercube bitters in town? And has anyone tried them?

Dec 01, 2011
AnneGV in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Special Easter treats

With Easter approaching, I've been thinking of fun things to put in my kids' Easter baskets. Last year I read a review of a bakery in Michigan called Le Petit Prince that sells beautiful chocolates made from vintage molds:

Is there anything like that in the Twin Cities? Actually, any special Easter treat recommendations would be appreciated!

Mar 14, 2011
AnneGV in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pizza delivery in Golden Valley area?

Thanks, everyone! I tried Pizza Man last week and it was fine, but I'm excited to check out Joey Nova's and Frankie's.

Joey Nova's
5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

Jul 30, 2010
AnneGV in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pizza delivery in Golden Valley area?

I just moved to Golden Valley about a week ago and am totally clueless about my pizza delivery options. Google hasn't been that helpful—I'm no pizza snob, but I refuse to order from Dominos or Pizza Hut.

In our old SW Mpls neighborhood, we typically ordered from Broders, Lake Harriet or Luce. Can anyone recommend a good delivery option for Golden Valley (or Crystal, as we're pretty close)? There is a place called Pizza Man just up the street from us, but I can't find any decent reviews of it online.

Jul 26, 2010
AnneGV in Minneapolis-St. Paul