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Large kid friendly venu

I'm looking to plan a lunch meet up for about 15 couples with new babies. Can you help me brainstorm restaurants in Boston that are large/spacious (for strollers) and informal table service, i.e. order at register and they call out or drop off your food at the table? At first I thought of sweet cheek's community tables, but it's more formal table service. What about Tasty Burger or a spacious Chipotle? It would be a plus if they served beer & wine too.

Where can I buy black lentils aka Beluga lentils?

Thanks for the tips - I know where to go this weekend.

Where can I buy black lentils aka Beluga lentils?

I just had black lentils for the first time at Woodward and they were so delicious I was blown away and now I'd love to make them at home. I went to Whole Foods but didn't find them. Where have you found black lentils in Boston?

I love the Gallows

I love the Gallows too. I went last night with a group of 6 and I hope to make it a regular spot as it is so close to my office. I really love the atmosphere, the decor is quite unique. I think the cocktail list, albeit small, is very creative. The bar staff didn't seem to have it all together, but I think those kinks need to be worked out in the beginning. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. We started with the Out of Control Poutine which was a steak bomb and was out of control delicious and good! I'm glad our server warned us of how rich it was so that we didn't order 2 for the table. I would gladly come to The Gallows once a week to eat the quarter of the chicken ($13?) - the chicken was perfectly cooked, not too salty and the bread salad was so flavorful. As for dessert, I recommend that everyone try the Bananas foster fluffernutter brulee! The other desserts pale in comparison! So yummy thinking about our meal last night - can't wait to go back and try more dishes. Honestly, my only complaint was that is was very loud as the bar was a full scene and we had to yell across the table to hear each other.

Corporate Dinner event - Dallas

I am planning a client dinner in Dallas in December. I am based in Boston and do not know anything about the dining scene in Dallas. We would want something downtown for a group of 40-50 people. I don't want a chain steakhouse, rather a dining gem of Dallas. Please advise.

Rosenfeld Bagels, Newton Centre

I will NEVER go back to Rosenfeld's. The bagels and challah are as good as everyone says, but they were so RUDE. I went for the first time last weekend after reading about them in the Best of issue of in the Improper Bostonian. No matter how good a product is, I refuse to go back to places where the customer service is just awful. It was pretty apparent how miserable the employees were to be there on a Sunday morning and as a result we were treated like crap. Nobody asked "Can I help you?" when I stepped up to the counter. When my husband asked if there was any more coffee left, the employee very grudgingly said "Oh, I guess I can make you some more if you want." So he just said "Forget it." The people working there looked angry and miserable and it made me so uncomfortable to order - as if I was troubling them even more. Then I proceeded to order a dozen bagels and lost count while I was ordering and I asked them if I had a dozen and she said yes without actually checking. When I got home I only had 11 bagels - what jerks!

Gluten free restaurant options?

Legal Seafood, PF Changs, Elephant Walk, The Fireplace, Myers and Chang.

Visiting - Philly must haves?

Thanks everyone for the recs. We'll definitely be spending our lunch time in Reading terminal. I can't wait to try the pulled pork. As for dinner, we decided on Fogo de Chao - we simply can't go to a city without eating at a Churrascaria.

Feb 20, 2009
pink dress in Pennsylvania

Visiting - Philly must haves?

My boyfriend and I are going to a convention in Philly in a few weeks and we definitely want to experience some Philly exclusives/Philly staples. We're foodies from Boston and when we visit a new city we like to try the food they're famous for. We're either staying at the Sofitel or near the City Center. Where should I take him for a cheesesteak? Also, is Delilah's still a staple? What would food would you recommend that I will miss when I leave?

Feb 13, 2009
pink dress in Pennsylvania

Ten best things to eat in Boston

My personal faves:
-Morning Buns, Clear Flour Bakery
-Empanadas mechada, Orinoco
-Coxinhas, Cafe Belo
-Red Sox pizza, Figs
-Chicken and cornbread chorizo stuffing, Union
-Cubano, Chez Henri
-Profiteroles, Mistral
-Sweet Potato gnocchi, Capones Foods (prepare at home)
-Fallafel appetizer, Oleana
-Fried chicken, Myers & Chang

Glaceed cherries

I want to make those almond cookies with glaceed cherries in the center for my cookie swap. Can I get glaceed cherries at a supermarket?

Mint Chocolate Disks

Williams Sonoma has peppermint cremes

Cupcake Deliveries

I think Sweet delivers . . . I've seen their van down by my office in the financial district. Their cupcakes are delicious!

Great chow at Hungry Mother

When I went, we actually had probably the most polite waiter I have ever met in Boston. I was very disappointed they didn't have deviled eggs though. Where can I find them?

Hungry Mother

I'm going friday for the first time. I just check their menu. Do they not serve those deviled eggs anymore I've heard so much about? I can't eat seafood, so the chicken or steak better be awesome.

Chinatown Crawl

Ken Oringer gives his Chinatown favs in this issue of the Improper Bostonian. My personal favorites are Ho Yuen Bakery, Hon Kong Eatery, and Xinh Xinh for Pho.

Argentine style empanadas for a party

Thanks Allstonian. I've shopped at Capone's only for pasta - I'll definitely go there for my empanadas now!

Argentine style empanadas for a party

I need to serve like 50 or more empanadas at my party this weekend. I would make them, but I won't have enough time. I'm trying to find a reasonably priced place that could cater them. My first choice would be Orinoco, but they're $2.50 each - no pro rates for larger quantities. I might end up going getting them from La Mamma in Allston, but they don't give me large quantity pro rate, they're still $1.50 each. Any suggestions?

Where can I buy Argentine Dulce de Leche

Williams Sonoma sells it . . . Copley Mall.

Romantic Restaurant in Cambridge? (Engagement Plans!)

Definitely Upstairs on the Square Soiree room. It's so beautifully decorated and romantic that people have their wedding receptions there. I would love to have my wedding party there, so if you want to give her that kind of idea - that's your place. Good luck!

The best and worst of Brookline?

I'm pretty sure there was a sign outside the Coolidge one that says "Under new management." Eitherway, the quality has gone way down. Considering I used to crave their pressed caprese paninis, the last time they gave me 2 slices of mozzerellas as thin as the proscuitto - very disappointing.

Sealys is a no frills diner that has been there for almost a century. I've been going there for 10 years now, so obviously we're on a first name basis. It's run by a hard working Greek family and if they seemed unfriendly it's probably because they get up at dawn to open their doors at 6am - yikes. It's guaranteed good traditional breakfast - eggs/bacon/buttery toast.

One of a kind experience in Boston

Definitely O Ya or Clio.

The best and worst of Brookline?

I have lived in Brookline for 23 years. Rod Dee and Dok Bua are the best Thai places and I go there regularly. Pho Lemongrass is one of my favs too (mmm Pho Ga). Beacon Street Tavern is always a guaranteed great meal and wine + they just got an excellent new chef. The Fireplace is also another great go-to places for more special occasions. For Pizza - I only do upper crust and Pinos. For Jewish delis - Zaftigs and Michael's. For bagels - Kupel's since I was a kid. For Chinese - Chef Chow's since I was in a stroller (Golden Temple is below average and ridiculously over priced). We're soo glad Orinoco just came and La Morra is definitely exceptional as well, though I don't eat much Italian. Bottega Fiorentina USED to be good but the new management is cheap. For sandwiches/subs and our beloved townies - it will always be the Brookline Spa.
And for breakfast I will pick Sealys over Zafitg's anyday.

Orinoco catering?

I'm having a housewarming party with quite a lot of people and we're mainly doing South American food. We love Orinoco and eat there regularly and I was thinking of getting some empanadas catered by them. Has anyone gotten catering from them and do you know pricy they are?

Dining al fresco

I'm coming to Chicago for Fourth of July with 4 nights of dinners planned - 2 expensive and 2 mid price. I have decided on OneSixtyBlue and Japonais for the expensive ones and Carnivale for one of the mid-price. My boyfriend and I would a great outdoor patio recommendation. Mid-priced (as in $15-$25 an entree), nice atmosphere (perhaps romantic), and good people watching is always a plus. Types of cuisine preferred for the al fresco patio - french bistro, italian (but not large portioned pastas), New American, or Asian.

Jun 02, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area

Green City Market

I'm going to be visiting Chicago soon for the first time and I love going to city markets, would we able to grab something for lunch while we walk around? Besides eating fresh fruit, are there any sandwiches or prepared foods available as well?

May 29, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area

Recommendations near W Lakeshore

True . . . I'm convinced!

May 27, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area

Recommendations near W Lakeshore

This is where my boyfriend and I are staying for 4th of July week. I have no clue about this neighborhood, so I'm curious if it's known for any great places. Otherwise we'll happy to trek around the city for other places.

May 20, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area

W Lakeshore dinner

Thanks Nsxtasy. Do you know anything about Carinvale? We love latin food and this seemed like a fun place, but perhaps DeLaCosta is a better choice.

May 20, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area

W Lakeshore dinner

My boyfriend and I are taking our first trip to Chicago. We're staying at W Lakeshore and would like some reccomendations for dinner. I wasn't sure which W (Lakeshore City Center) was a better location, so I picked Lakeshore for the view even though I don't know what kind of neighborhood it's in, is there anything worthy within walking distance? We're not looking for any super fancy 7 course tastings . . . we prefer places that are busy, hip, popular restaurant/lounges that's a guaranteed great meal and wine list. I'm thinking of Japonaise and Blackbird just from other postings I saw . . .
Oh also - any south american places with salsa nights?

May 16, 2008
pink dress in Chicago Area