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Owners taking baristas tips: legal in Illinois?


I've seen this question addressed online, but haven't seen it specifically addressed for IL, and assume it is a States' Law issue.

I just started working at a small-ish Chicago coffee shop. Most shifts have a single staff member, and for most of those shifts, the owner is that staff member.

On weekend lunch shifts, there are two staff: owner and hourly barista.

I worked my first weekend shift today. At the end of the shift, I counted my tips, and was getting ready to go home. The owner said to me, "now you give me half of the tips." I asked her if she was joking, and said I had never heard of such things in all my years' working in the industry.

She made it clear to me that I either needed to abide by this policy or else quit.

In such a situation, is it legal for the owner to force her staff to split tips earned during the shift? I am paid full minimum wage prior to tipping (i.e.- 8.25 + tips).

Thanks for any advice. This situation has me befuddled...

Jul 25, 2010
peteouc in Chicago Area