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Vote in the Best of MTL readers poll 2015

Hey guys, to those of you who may have tried to fill in the survey this AM, apologies if you experience a glitch.

The survey is now back online and fully functional.

Vote in the Best of MTL readers poll 2015

Hey, this is Lorraine Carpenter from Cult MTL. Myself and the rest of the Cult MTL team invites all Montreal/Quebec Chowhounders to vote in our Best of MTL readers poll, open till 11:59 p.m. on April 17.

Why? Because we value the knowledge and expertise that we see on this board, and would appreciate the participation of educated restaurant patrons and food connoisseurs to improve our Food & Drink results.

As much as we advise readers poll participants to only vote in the categories they know/care about (only 25 categories need to be completed for a ballot to count), too many people try to fill out as much of the survey as possible, entering the first restaurants that come to mind. As a result (and as I'm sure you've noticed over the years), far too many mediocre chains make the Food & Drink Top 10 lists.

Help us make the Best of MTL better.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

They do two types of vegetarian if you ask them to:

Montreal Restaurant Openings and Closings October to December 2013

I've eaten at Bethlehem XXX once and it was great. That week the menu was Guyanese/Caribbean (different menu every week). High-quality ingredients and a nice collection of beers and cocktails too.

Looking for Bitters

In Little Italy, Anatol Spices at 6822 St-Laurent.

Ice House

Went early on Friday, before 7, there were only 2 or 4 other people there, which is just as well cos the place is pretty tiny - it'll be great once summer comes and the front terrasse is open.
I can't add much to the Mirror review as my boyfriend and I pretty much ordered what was written up there, but I will second Joanna Fox's assessment - both the oyster po-boy and the lobster burrito were delicious, and if you order fries, ask for the spicy mayo - KILLER. Not because it's incredibly hot, just really tasty. And the spiked lemonade, squeezed on site, with a shot of bourbon, was a winner too.

Ice House

Wow, this sounds great. I'm going tonight...

Restaurant Closings in 2011

The phone number at O'Regan's Irish Pub is disconnected, does anyone know if it's actually closed?

DNA, when to go?

If you go on a weekday btwn 5 and 8pm, bottles of wine are 50% off. I went last summer before attending a Cirque du Soleil show - it was great. The ambiance was not superclub or old folks' home, but it wasn't empty either. Amuse-gueules were also offered, complimentary.

Moving to Parc-Ex. What's good?

I've also heard good things about Nostos but haven't been there yet.

I like Panama for their fish offerings (I don't eat any other kind of meat). It's not your typical Greek restaurant - they have all the usual stuff, but they often encourage their chicken and fish over souvlaki etc. It's a more varied menu, and more expensive than the likes of Village Grec (also a decent, more typical Park Ex Greek spot).

Moving to Parc-Ex. What's good?

There is also an SAQ facing Jarry metro - like JTM, this is technically Villeray, but still in the Park Ex radius. Between that and Rockland, we're making do.
Has anyone been to Braseiro, the Portuguese restaurant on St-Laurent just above Jarry?

8261 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2P2M1, CA




What's the price range for mains? Looks pricey...

buffet bravo???

Anything for vegetarians? Varenikies (aka perogies)? Cabbage rolls without meat? Is there meat in the borscht? Do they even have borscht?
Any fish or seafood?

Places to buy hard cider in Montreal

Michel Jodoin is available at several big chain grocery stores too, like IGA (specifically the one at René-Levesque and St-Urbain). There's a variety, in 750ml or litre bottles (don't remember which): hard, sparkling, rosé etc.

Cidrerie du Minot is what they tend to have on tap at a lot of bars. Like MJ, this is pretty close to British cider like Strongbow.

Although it's in high supply in Quebec, I've never liked ice cider - it's thick, flat and sickly sweet.

Has Casa Creole moved?

Hey, wondering if any of you have been to the new location in Villeray. There's a new phone number which seems to be linked to an address on Legendre St., but I see no mention of the move or the new location on any blogs. Can anyone confirm that the place has moved (and is open)? No answer at the new number...

Casa Creole
6490 Av Victoria, Montreal, QC H3W2S6, CA