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New Bar-b-que restaurant - Hartsdale

I've had really good skinless barbecue chicken, there's nothing wrong with that!

Tuscany Red Barn Pizza is so much more than pizza

I don't think so; perhaps just a popular name.

Tuscany Red Barn Pizza is so much more than pizza

Tuscany Red Barn Pizza 158 South Central Avenue Hartsdale, NY

Last night I was at a meeting and someone mentioned they had just come from Red Barn pizza with their family and that the food was very, very good.
So tonight I worked late and decided to pop into Red Barn for some take out. The owner may also be the chef (I'm not sure) but he was very friendly and personable as were the other people who worked there. I ordered the Rigatoni De Casa and some garlic knots. My dish consisted of grilled chicken, sauteed spinach, garlic and rigatoni in a light brown sauce.
The restaurant itself is simple but appealing . The kitchen is open, and there are tables both inside and out.
After I finished my meal I felt I had to write a little review here. My dish was delish and I'm happy to say that I just found my new favorite casual Italian eatery.

Tuscany Red Barn Pizza
158 S Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

New Bar-b-que restaurant - Hartsdale

There were no tables when I walked by the other day but maybe they have some by now. I took a menu and it was disappointing - nothing skinless, nothing for people who are concerned about eating healthy.
My bet is that it's not going to last unless they fine tune their menu.

Any Cuban in Westchester?

I don't know of any in Westchester but my absolute favorite Cuban eatery is Victor's Cafe 52 on West 52nd in the city. Amazing food and service.

New Bar-b-que restaurant - Hartsdale

I drove by today and it seems to be open.