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ISO: Round, plastic disposable containers

Thank you. I just passed by wholesale club and found them in various sizes.

ISO: Round, plastic disposable containers

I am trying to find disposable round plastic containers. They usually come in sleeves of 25. They come in different sizes. Lids sold separately. I was just at Nella and they said they don't sell anything disposable. I tried a cash and carry nearby, but the only plastic containers they had were for takeout.
I've seen these at Tap Phong, but I now live closer to Vaughan. I'm willing to drive, but hopefully someone knows of a closer location I can check out?


Soooo Arz is now Loblaws and Marche Adonis is actually Metro

Maybe my memory is failing me. Having lived in Kuwait and Jordan for 10 years, we always had thin pitas.

Soooo Arz is now Loblaws and Marche Adonis is actually Metro

Thin (and dry if not stored properly) is the norm for Arab Pita. Thick and chewy is the norm for Greek pita.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

Frogsteak, I went through the same experience as you when I moved to Toronto from Montreal over the summer. Reading your posts is like a deja vu. The number of times I googled 49th parallel in Toronto, and searched this board. Like I said, I did see it at Soma and I also saw a few bags Maybe 49th is just not popular here. Or maybe we should just find an alternative (Black Cat works for me).
Luckily I go back to MTL on a monthly basis, and hit up Myriade every time. I personally did not enjoy Pilot, or Hale. But haven't tried others you mentioned. So if you're desperate for 49th, let me know, and I'll be more than happy to buy an extra bag or two on my next trip.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

They have different size bags, and therefore, pricing varies. I recall paying 19.50 for a lb for the black cat analog, which is reasonable. I recall paying 18 USD in Chicago for it, so the markup is fair.
I used to get 49th Parallel Epic espresso for 16$/lb back in MTL, which I found excellent value for the quality. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything similar in Toronto.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

They do. But the last time I checked, the roast dates were at least 4 weeks old. So I passed. I prefer 49th parallel myself over P&S, and used to buy them regularly at Myriade in Montreal. I can't seem to find them in Toronto.
I've been buying Black Cat at Manic, but still keep an eye out for 49th parallel. If anyone knows of a shop that regularly stocks them, please share!

36% to 40% cream

The small jars of clotted cream that I purchased recently from Fiesta Farms appear to have been imported. But I may be wrong. They are small jars, with a green label.

36% to 40% cream

Actually Liberte makes a 35% organic cream that's just cream. None of the chemicals found in the more common whipping creams out there.

Also, Devon and clotted creams are available at many places, including Fiesta Farms and Whole foods. I've also seen it at SLM.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Went to Cheese Boutique on Friday, and all I can say is that their name doesn't do them justice. I was very pleased to see all the other products. And I didn't think the prices were that outrageous. Will definitely be going back.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Seems like I may not have given SLM a proper chance.

Been to Kensington several times already, and love the tacos, tostadas and other Latino foods. Seems like it would be more fun in the summer months. Went there a couple of weeks ago, it was cold, and only people we saw were the hipsters you speak so fondly of! ha!

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Thank you! We've gone out to eat quite a bit, to explore what the city has to offer. Everyone seems to think Montreal has a better restaurant scene than Toronto, and that may have been true 10 years ago. I don't think it's fair to say that anymore. When it comes to Asian food in general, there is no comparison. Toronto wins! Ramen, Izakaya, Vietnamese, Dim Sum, even the AYCE sushi.

Can't wait to explore some more, but can't really afford to eat out every night (and would I really want to?), so that's why I am in search of really great shops for meat, cheese, sausage, etc. so that I can prepare quality meals at home.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

I'm a total costco addict... Even though I have a "condo" sized fridge/freezer, I still buy in bulk. In terms of meat, I still buy at costco, although recently I discovered Pavao. And I love the fact they have a counter at No Frills in Dufferin Mall. Bought some Portuguese cured sausage and beef. No complaints.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

I will put the effort, it's just that, Toronto is just too big, and daunting at times. In Montreal, you could take an afternoon and explore Jean Talon Market, Little Italy and surroundings. This is simply not the case here. So that's why I started this thread. To get an idea of where to start my search. And from the responses so far, we there are great suggestions all over the GTA.

So far, my experience hasn't been great. And I admit, it's my fault. Lack of time, unfortunately, is the culprit here.

I'm not trying to find exactly what I had back home. I'm sure Toronto has plenty to offer. So any suggestions for uniquely Toronto fare would be greatly appreciated.

As for SLM, I will give it another shot. I'll check out Sausage King. I went on a Sunday only to find out it was closed! I thought that was strange, in a city where everything is open late. Went again on a Saturday, but wasn't terribly impressed.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Thank you! I was actually thinking of taking a trip across the border this weekend.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Ylsf, this has been my experience so far. Your reply is getting me a little depressed, but I hope others will have some feedback.

As for SLM, I knew it would come up, but it seems to me that it's more of a tourist destination than an actual market. But again, I've only been once, and thought many vendors were just overpriced. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

New to the city, ISO cured meats, cheese and sausages

Dear TO Chowhounders,

I recently moved to Toronto from Montreal, where I spent years refining my where-to-go list for food items such as sausages, charcuterie, cheese, bacon, cured pork products, etc.

I've been perusing this board, and it seems like to the get the "best" of anything, I would have to drive, which isn't a problem, and I'm willing to drive to buy something I'm craving.

So my question is, where do I go for:
- Cheese (I read that the Cheese Boutique is the place to go)?
- Cured meats (Salamis, hams, etc.)
- Artisanal sausages (Montreal was a mecca for this, and I miss my favorite smoked pork sausage with cheese ever so much!)

I am sure Toronto has all this (and more), and would love to be able to find what I'm looking for here. Otherwise, I'll have to take a big cooler with me on my next trip down the 401.


The Rob Ford Food Specials

Possibly the best reply to a post ever!

Kem CoBa – Delectable ice cream in Mile-End

Not only is the product amazing and consistent, but the owners are wonderful people. They remember us every time and greet every customer with a smile. I can't recommend this shop enough. Been there at least 10 times this summer and dreading the withdrawal this winter.

Looking for good source of nut flours and other gluten-free essentials

Went to Papillion Bulk over the weekend... WOW. They have an amazing selection of bulk items, from flours, to dried fruits, nuts, cereal, spices, honey on tap, pure vanilla on tap, nut butters.

We left with 1 bag and large bill... but that's expected.

Will check out the other stores, although I have a feeling our best bet will be some of the ethnic stores for the various flours. This stuff can get quite expensive.

Looking for good source of nut flours and other gluten-free essentials

One specific recipe I'm looking at trying out is a "granola bar" that uses almond, chickpea and cashew flour and coconut oil.

We recently used a bean flour to make some thick noodles for a Korean style salad. Found it at Marche Orientale.

Looking for good source of nut flours and other gluten-free essentials

I guess I'm not used to looking for these items when shopping at Adonis...
A trip to the West Island looks likely this weekend! Thanks again.

Looking for good source of nut flours and other gluten-free essentials

Thank you all for your responses. We are not planning to eliminate wheat all together. We don't have any allergies to gluten either. Just trying to take some small steps towards incorporating healthier options.

Looking for good source of nut flours and other gluten-free essentials

My spouse has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and we have both started to reduce wheat from our diets as it is a significant source of carbs that affects sugar levels.
As a result, we're looking at recipes that use almond, chickpea, cashew, etc flour instead of white/whole wheat flour.
Anyone else here know of a good source of these types of flours? Other than the typical small bags of Bob Red Mill that are found almost anywhere at rather high prices?
Trying to keep healthy on weekdays so we can indulge a little on weekends.

Happening Gourmand... quality issues

I agree about it being a very successful marketing strategy but not so great at the end of the day for customers.
You would think the point is to expose more customers to your regular menu, but this whole affair just seems to be the opposite.
Last year, on the Vieux Port Steakhouse menu they had the "Manhattan" cut. They told us it was a smaller NY Cut (I assumed thinner). What we got was half a NY Strip. Literately cut down the middle.

Happening Gourmand... quality issues

I remember a few years ago, when Happening Gourmand first started, everyone seemed excited to take advantage and I did, probably every year since. Last year I recall having mediocre meals (Vieux port steakhouse, Taverne Gaspar). Vowed not to repeat.

This year, at the request of a friend, we went to Bevo (a new addition to their lineup I believe), and felt equally, if not more disappointed than I was last year (under seasoned food, pathetically tiny portions, and just an overall "meh" feeling). We did pay extra for prosciutto and after splitting a wine bottle, the price tag was 100$/couple.

We have reservation for Aix on Friday, and I am contemplating cancelling. But I am not sure if two upscale restaurants (Verses and Aix) are perhaps more interesting. Anyone have any feedback on Aix, during Happening Gourmand? Thanks

Fresh Guanabanas or Chirimoyas in Montreal?

They had these at Supermarche PA last year (can't remember when).
I would suggest you check Sabor Latino/Andes on Belanger.

What's so great about Schwartz's?

Schwartz's is walking distance from my office, so a few of the guys and I used to go there every couple of weeks (for the last 7 years or so). Over the last 6 months, we noticed the meat becoming more dry and crumbly (and we all order it medium).

Needless to say, it's no longer on our regular rotation. But will still go once in a while for old times' sake... But for some reason, the meat doesn't deem the same...

Le Couteau/ Knife -

Agreed. What's the difference between a coffee shop that has limited hours on a Sunday and a restaurant that's closed 1 day a week?
These cafes are not large corporate chains so they can't operate like one. They are small, owner-run businesses. I've also noticed that they seem to have good labor conditions. Closing the cafes (or limiting hours) on holidays so that their employees can also enjoy a day off is great IMO.

Rubs Smokehouse

Went there last night with 3 others and the general consensus was "meh". Would go back, but probably not soon.

We started with some shared appetizers (2 lbs of smoked wings and jalapeno poppers).

The wings were definitely smoky but lacked salt. They were quite bland. For 18$, we got about 18 wings.

The jalapeno popper plate (11$) consisted of 5 peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon and fried. They were also smoked. Some of them were mild and other were so fiery hot that some of us were in tears for a good 15 minutes.

We also ordered the brisket, the St Louis pork ribs and the chicken leg.

The pork ribs and the brisket are definitely the highlights for us. Smoky, tender and very flavorful. The full rack of pork ribs is massive and certainly a good option if you want to have some for lunch the next day. The brisket plate was also very generous. Good bark and smoke penetration, as well as a good amount of fat.

The chicken thigh, surprisingly, was extremely dry and looked so sad on the plate with its sides compared to the other plates.

We tried various sides: smoked mac and cheese (good), smoked beans (good), smoked veggies (underdone), sweet potato and regular fried (very good).

With so many smoky flavors going on, I would have preferred that the mac and cheese and veggies didn't have a smoky flavor. Everything tasted the same (smoke) after a while. Maybe we should have gotten some coleslaw.

The Mexican Bulldog drinks (inverted corona into a margarita) was just ok. The waiter told us the margarita has 3 shots of tequila, which I did not detect. It tasted like a beer/lime slushie.

Cost around 85$ per couple before tip. I think the amount would have been justified if we were fully satisfied. But you get a lot of food, and the outdoor seating is nice, and the service was efficient as well.