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Confessions of a Turkey Hater

My brined turkey came out moist and delicious, with crisp skin to boot. I was able to eat breast meat with out gravy, because none of the meat was dry. And any cook worth their salt knows you don't put stuffing in the bird when you roast it in the oven. I also have a duck in my freezer for next week.

You say this very site is evidence against Turkey. I think this very article is evidence that I need to stop coming to this site.

Dec 10, 2011
BigBurk in Features

Coconut Rice

I've made this recipe to a T, twice. Both times the bottom of the pan is covered in scorched rice. What am I doing wrong? Does this happen to other folks?

Aug 17, 2010
BigBurk in Recipes

Oven-Fried Buttermilk Chicken

Hey, this chicken turned out great! Not too spicy but still could taste said spices. This is now one of my go to chicken recipes.

Jul 31, 2010
BigBurk in Recipes