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South Indian?

Hey all,

Any good South Indian in the Portland area? Willing to drive a bit out of town if I need to. Looking for an awesome dosa and thali plates/combos. Someone recommended Dwaraka to me for dosa, but I was not too impressed.

Thanks in advance!



I am in a band that tours America, A LOT. I'm not sure what we would do without Chowhound. We use it practically every night. Chances are you may have helped us out somewhere along our journey, so thanks for that!! Anyway, a lot of the time on tour we try to find good local/regional eats that are unique to certain areas, but as we are on the road a lot sometimes we just get crazy hankerings that need to be satisfied.

So we were in Nashville a few nights back, and for some reason I NEEDED Korean food. I wasn't sure what to expect but we stumbled upon this little hole in the wall called Manna (1104 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37203). It had one review on YELP, which is always pretty hit and miss. But damn, this place was great home-cooked Korean food. It seemed to be family run, there were a bunch of kids toys in the back, and a small karaoke setup, which may or may not be open to the public. Not really any "decor" to speak of, which isn't a bad thing in my book. There were 2 people running the place. A friendly woman took our orders, and then went to the back to help the one chef in the kitchen. We ordered pretty standard stuff, Bi Bim Bap, Bulgogi, etc. All was tasty, clean and simple. Home-cooked, not too greasy, not too rich. They also packed up a 2nd box for each of us of Banchan (sides), as we were in a hurry and had to make our order to go, which I thought was pretty incredible. I've never had Banchan wrapped up to go, anywhere. It usually a dine-in or you lose it sort of deal. Kimchi was tasty, not too vinegary. As we left she told us: "eat all your vegetables." Cute.

1104 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Best Pho in T.O.

We search out Pho all over the country when we're on tour, and we've returned to Pho Tien Thanh every time we are in Toronto. It won't disappoint. Better than Golden Turtle.

Best CHEAP hidden gems in Columbus, OH?

just wanted to put in a plug for Mimi's. great, legit Vietnamese. full thread is here on the old board:

Aug 14, 2010
themorningbenders in Great Lakes

Columbus, OH - Mimi's (Vietnamese)

Twas visiting Columbus for a couple days and got to stop into Mimi's. Being from LA I've had a lot of good Vietnamese food, but I was pleasantly surprised. I read somewhere that they didn't have Bun on their menu, but I guess that changed. I ordered the Bun thit nuong. Pork was flavorful and had just the right amount of fat. Good vermicelli. AND they gave us a generous amount of FRESH herbs, which for me, is the difference between good bun/pho and great bun/pho.

Just a note for yall: It was a bit difficult to find, and the address that I found on yelp listing it as Columbus-Wooster Rd was incorrect. Honestly, I'm not sure how I actually found the place, and I can't really describe it as I am from out of town. Maybe someone else can supply a correct address?

Aug 14, 2010
themorningbenders in Great Lakes

Indonesian Rijsttafel ("Rice Table")

thanks everyone! actually in philly this week, so going to start there. will report back.

Jul 25, 2010
themorningbenders in Manhattan

Indonesian Rijsttafel ("Rice Table")

Hey all,

Just got back from a trip to Belgium where I was introduced to the amazing Indonesian Rijsttafel ("Rice Table"). Poked around a bit on here, and didn't come up with much. Anyone have any recc's for Rijsttafel around NYC?


Jul 23, 2010
themorningbenders in Manhattan