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Breyer's ice cream quality (split from Ontario board)

If you are living out in British
Columbia you are doing pretty well for Ice Cream. My aunt and Uncle used to own 'The Udder Guys'. Sadly they didn't do too well with it as people like to stick with the rubbish they know. I never tried it but I am told it was some of the best ice cream you can get. I have been living in Britain for the last 6 years and it is a food paradise, contrary to the press British cuisine usually gets. They are a food mad country, and the high end grocery shops sell some excellent food at decent prices. The British as a rule don't put up with nonsense. All their food is labeled extremely thoroughly, with a breakdown of ingredients by percentage. Can you imagine Canadian food retailers allowing that to pass here? This allows you to realize for example that V8 vegetable cocktail is over 90% tomato juice with less than 10% other vegetables.
The Breyer's scam is one of the most frustrating examples of the scam that North American food producers have been pulling on the public for years. Breyer's All-Natural Strawberry was the finest ice cream ever produced. One day I returned on holiday from Britain, and found it was gone, replaced by the Double Churned garbage. The same happened with Welch's Grape juice which used to be sold frozen. One day it was vanished and was replaced with 'Grape Cocktail'. The packaging barely changed at all and the first I knew of the change was when I drank what I thought would be a mouthful of delicious grape juice and was instead greeted by something barely better than Kool-Aid. Not a word from the company, and most people probably just kept buying it. The worst part is, predictably, that the price did not change! The company's profits soared, as they were now stretching there actual grape juice many times over. We deserve to get robbed like this, because we allow it.
Speaking of ice cream, give Chapman's a try. This was traditionally my most loathed of ice creams, so much so that my family would tease me about it, but my wife bought some about a year ago and I was very surprised. The first ingredient is cream, and it tastes much different than I remember. And only $3.99! Can anyone verify for me if their recipe has changed? I remember it being very artificial tasting and buttery, but now it tastes like actual ICE CREAM, unlike the crap most of the higher end producers sell.

Jul 23, 2010
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