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Need advice (seafood) in Cincinnati.

I've been told by more than one chef and Jon Stiles at the Partysource that the Hyde Park Biggs is the only place in the city of Cincinnati that gets fish delivered 7 days a week. But I generally make the trip up to Jungle Jims if I'm looking for high-quality fresh fish -- they have a little more eclectic selection (e.g. I've never seen Jacknife Clams anyplace else in Cincinnati).

TItle: need best cheap eats in cincinatti

Sounds like you are not going to venture too far from Great American, so these are my recommendations.

Riverside Korean in Covington is great, but if you're not into Korean or Asian, maybe Mexican? La Mexicana in Newport isn't that far - it's kinda your standard burrito joint as far as NYC goes, but hey, it's pretty much all we got. Also in Newport, Pompilio's. Not the greatest, but decent Italian and they have two Bocce courts. Hofbrauhaus, also in Newport, is pretty inexpensive, and outside of Munich and Vegas, it's the only other location. Get yourself a HUGE beer and some brats here.

In Mt. Adams, just up the hill from downtown, go to City View Tavern on Oregon for a great burger and an even better view of Cincy and beyond.

Like a previous reviewer mentioned, Skyline is a safe bet, if you are prepared - there's plenty at the ballpark and also one at 254 E 4th St.

Zips is a good burger and a fun atmosphere, but City View is much closer and a better view.

Sushi in downtown Cincinnati

Ko-sho and Benihana are the only options downtown. Newport on the Levee has Aoi and Pacific Moon. Partysouce has sushi in their deli case. I'm pretty sure Jeff Ruby's South Beach in Covington has sushi. Mount Adams has Teak. Hyde Park has Beluga, Bangkok Bistro, Sake Bomb, and Wild Ginger. Mount Lookout has Aqua and Sushi Ray.

Visiting Cincinnati - where should I go?

What kind of food does your mom like - it looks like you enjoy pretty much everything...Good, but pricier restaurants in the Hyde Park area include:

Hugo in Oakley -
Boca in Oakley -
Red in Hyde Park -
Aqua in Mount Lookout -
Nectar in Mount Lookout -

If you are feeling a little adventurous, I would suggest heading to to Northside and going to Slims on a Friday or Saturday. Their prix-fixe menu is affordable and delicious. Slims only takes cash or check, though, and it's BYOB.

Toasted ravioli with cheese filling?

Unfortunately cheese-filled toasted ravioli seems to be a sacrilege in Saint Louis, but another thing to try, and safe for vegetarians, is the toasted CHOCOLATE ravioli at Finale - .

Summer Cocktail Ideas

That sounds good. Here's another drink on that same site made with Zen Green Tea Liqueur - the Zen Lemondade:

Jun 19, 2007
seamusiv in Spirits

SW Ohio Bike Path Eateries

A few places:

The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, which is just off of the Lebanon Countryside Trail (an 8-mile arm of the Little Miami Bike Trail between Morrow and Loveland), is the oldest inn in Ohio and serves pretty good pub grub in their tavern and good homestyle in their restaurant -

Also, I believe the Train Stop Inn at Foster in Maineville (also between Morrow and Loveland) serves food and sits right on the river and the bike path.

And... the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs is right off of the trail on Xenia Ave - - just noticed that the June issue of Cincinnati Magazine raved about this casual and comfy joint.

Dinner recs for downtown Cincinnati

Another Jean-Robert De Cavel restaurant, just across the river from downtown in Covington, is Pho Paris - French Vietnamese (you can walk across the Roebling suspension bridge right by Great American Ballpark and it's right on Greenup - or take a cab or the TANK bus) - see for more.

Casual Italian in Newport - also right across the river nice walk on a summer evening - is Pompilios - - good for groups, reasonably priced, and you can play some Bocce.

Great Korean in Covington - Riverside Restaurant - also walkable from the stadium or a short cab ride.

Upscale Italian downtown Cincinnati, Nicola's on Sycamore in Over-The-Rhine. A short cab ride from hotels on 4th and 5th -

Orchids at Palm Court in the Hilton is excellent as is the Palace at the Cincinnatian Hotel.

Great place to get a drink downtown - Arnold's on 8th Street - - oldest bar in Cincinnati.

And a few places that aren't walking distance from downtown hotels, but certainly worth the cab ride:

The Precinct - one of the best steakhouses in Cincy, if not the best - housed in an old police station on Columbia Parkway (10 minutes from downtown) -

Also 10 minutes from downtown:

Slims in Northside -excellent, eclectic, Prix-Fixe menu on Friday's and Saturdays - delicious, but BYOB and cash or check only -

Honey in Northside - also good, fusion cuisine (right down the street from Slim's but they have a bar and take credit cards ) -

Summer Cocktail Ideas

I saw this blog post on how to make some summer cocktail recipes - - and was wondering if anyone else had any great recipes they wanted to pass along?

Jun 07, 2007
seamusiv in Spirits

Cincinnati:Joints that can hang with Tuckers

Tucker's is pretty hard to beat for hole-in-the-wall atmosphere mixed with good food and service. One of the great things about the food is that he buys most of ingredients fresh at the Findlay Market... Arnold's is definitely worth visiting, but more for the history and a drink than the food. Oakley Pub is also notable for it's burgers and a pretty friendly joint.

Other places that you might wanna try that have a similar feel, but might not stack up foodwise...
Price Hill Chili on Glenway in Price Hill - yet another Cincy chili place but they serve pretty good breakfast and lunch (huge sandwiches)
Anchor Grill on Pike Street in Covington - a real greasy spoon, the kind that you half expect the waitress to take your order with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth, but definitely worth trying.
The Echo on Edwards in Hyde Park - true diner type of experience but the service can definitely be hit-n-miss. Nothing too spectacular foodwise, but it's solid fare.
Kellogg Country Kitchen on Kellogg towards Coney Island - pretty smoky, almost truck stop atmosphere with decent breakfast food. One of those joints where you order and then find yourself a seat.

Breakfast in Cincinnati?

Wildflour is now Jean-Robert's Greenup Cafe - - and it is a great place to grab breakfast or brunch. Be prepared to wait on the weekends.

Top Ethnic Restaurant in Cincinnati area?

If by "ethnic", you mean any restaurant serving cuisine that isn't serving BBQ, burgers, steaks, and/or other traditional "American" foods, you've got plenty to choose from and many of them won't require you to shell out $$$ - some are $ or $$ restaurants.

My favorites:

Japanese/Sushi - Kyoto Japanese on Montgomery Rd in Mason - - $$
Thai (sitdown) - Green Papaya on Wasson in Hyde Park - $
Thai (takeout) - Thai Express on McMillan in Clifton - $
Indian - Cumin on Erie in Hyde Park - - $$-$$$
Korean - Riverside on Madison in Covington, KY - $-$$
Italian - Nicola's on Sycamore in Over-The-Rhine - - $$$-$$$$
Italian - Prima Vista on Matson in Price Hill - - $$$-$$$$ (also best view in the city


Sadly I can't recommend any Mexican restaurants, but maybe that's a question for another thread?

Where to by fresh fish in Cincinnati

It depends on when you are going, where you live, and what you are trying to prepare, really. If you are making sushi, I would not recommend using fish that was previously frozen (unless you are making sushi that has cooked, smoked, or tempura. Because Jungle Jim's has those huge live fish tanks, they are a great place to go for fresh fish, but if you live in the city it can be a bit of a haul. I recently took a cooking class at the Party Source in Newport and the chef teaching the class said that the only store in the city that gets fresh fish delivered 7 days a week is the Hyde Park Biggs.

New York-style pizza - Cincinnati area?

Couple of other places, in addition to the many solid recommendations here...

The Hyde Park Tavern & Grille on Erie claims to serve Maryland or Jersey-style pizza. I wouldn't call it NY style, but it's decent enough.

Pomodori's Pizza (in Clifton and Montgomery) serves thin crust wood-fired pizzas which are also pretty good.

May 29, 2007
seamusiv in Great Lakes

Cincinnati Chinese

No love for Shanghai Mama's downtown, huh? 'Tis true Chinese in Cincy is kinda bleh.

Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cincinnati

Just wanted to say thanks for the Greenup Cafe recommendation. We had brunch there this past Sunday and everything was excellent. There was quite a crowd, so we waited about 45 minutes, but we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and sit outside while we waited. The pancakes, eggs benedict on brioche, and tart du jour were all delicious.

Along with Honey and Slims in Northside, which both serve breakfast on the weekends, I would have to say this is one of my new favorite breakfast places in the Queen City.

Downtown Cincinnati

I've had a similar experience at Vinyl. My impression is that the owners are concerned more with appearances and having a "trendy" crowd than they are with actually having a good restaurant. The food has steadily declined since their opening and the snootiness has risen. I'd love to see OTR comeback and be a big entertainment district and draw for downtown, but this is not the way to do that.

Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cincinnati

I've been to Tucker's and the biscuits and gravy are better than most in town, still not the greatest. I DID enjoy the atmosphere and the friendly service, though. If you are unfamiliar with Over-the-Rhine don't be discouraged by the neighborhood.

Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cincinnati

FYI, the National Exemplar is essentially serving the First Watch breakfast.

Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cincinnati

I've been searching for over a year and still haven't found a place worthy of the being called the best breakfast/brunch in Cincinnati. A recent brunch at Honey in Northside was pretty good, but their biscuits 'n' gravy stink. I'm looking for someplace that is not only making great versions of old standbys, but is also adding new twists. Additionally, it should be someplace that I can't visit outside of the area (like First Watch or Original Pancake House).

The standard recommendations (listed below) tend to fall flat:

Echo in Hyde Park
Daybreak in Hyde Park
Kellogg Country Kitchen by Lunkin Airport
First Watch (everywhere)
Mokka in Newport
Anchor Grill in Covington
The Coffee Cap in Cheviot
Original Pancake House (everywhere)
Sugar 'n' Spice in Norwood
The Forum in Corryville
Clearview Tavern in Delhi


TJ is correct when mentioning goetta and the chili. They are not for everyone but worth trying.

As for the Melting Pot, it has locations all over the US and is not worth going out of your way for.

Sounds like you are looking for local color more than regional flavor, in which case I would point you to Arnold's Bar downtown, which has been open in Cincinnati since the Civil War. If you want something a little newer, I would recommend the Dilly Deli in Mariemont ( They have excellent food and an even more excellent beer selection. Although they are a little hard to find, sitting on their patio in the summertime is just about right.


It depends largely on what kind of food you are looking for.

Montgomery Inn is overpriced and just average, IMHO. The sauce is rather ketchupy, and depending on where your wife is from in the South, she might find it a pale imitation of what she is accustomed to. Still, it is a source of great pride from many Cincinnatians.

If Italian is your game, many people swear by Nicola's - which is less pasta focused and more heartier Northern Italian fare.

If you like sushi, Kyoto Japan in Mason is one of my favorites - what it's lacking in atmosphere it makes up for in freshness and creativity.

Two new restaurants in Mt. Lookout are pretty good: Aqua, which is seafood and sushi, and Nectar, which is focused on using regional ingredients. Both are somewhat trendy, however, and are fairly loud.

Boca (mentioned above) is also good, as is the newer Honey in Northside.

Sturkey's in Wyoming, and the Precinct in Columbia-Tusculum (so named because it occupies a historic police station), are two other solid choices.