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Thanksgiving dinner: What is your LEAST favorite menu item that you can't get rid of?

My family has green stuff but it is made with lime jello, cottage cheese, pecans, crushed pineapple, and mandrain orange segments. Weird but delicous!

Nov 23, 2010
kris9 in General Topics

Best Pizza in Howard County and Baltimore County, Baltimore City

Matthews Pizza- Baltimore City

Hands down the best!

Best Instant Ramen? (please do not mock me, pretty please)

I will second the Hoo Roo Rook. I absoultely love it, and is just as cheap as buying the Top Ramen at your local grocery store. I have only ever bought it at Chinese/ Korean markets (I believe that the packages says it is Korean noodle soup) I usually add some soy sauce and sesame oil just to punch up the flavor a bit.

Happy Eating!

Oct 14, 2010
kris9 in General Topics

Fantasy food trip

I would do a food tour of Spain, start in Barcelona and travel northwest to the Basque country, stopping in Rioja for wine along the way. Travel through basque country to Galicia and down through Castille y Leon to Madrid and then south the Granada and the Costa del sol.

Not that I have thought about this a lot or anything...

Sep 07, 2010
kris9 in General Topics

Leaving tomorrow! staying near capitol hill. Where to eat.

Good Stuff is worth the trip if only for the Toasted Marshmallow shake. The burgers are also good, but skip the fries and save the calories for the shake!

The best thing your school cafeteria served

I went to elementary school outside of Houston, Tx in the early 90's, I dont remember much about the food except Frito Pie and Fried Okra. Frito pie is hard to mess up but the Okra was horrible, mushy on the inside with a crust that was so hard it almost cracked your tooth to bite into it. It has not been until very recently that I am able to eat propoerly made fried Okra, and now I love it!

Sep 01, 2010
kris9 in General Topics

Cheesecake without Cream Cheese

I have been looking for a recipe for cheesecake without the cream cheese in it. I do not like traditional cheesecake because it is just to rich. My grandmother used to make a cheesecake with farmer's cheese but lost the recipe years ago. Can you help?

Aug 20, 2010
kris9 in Home Cooking

Where can I get lemon soda?

For that drink that you are describing you should be careful with this Limonata. It is nowhere near as sweet as Fanta Limon that is so delicious. I have also tried this soda trying to recreate drinks that I had in Spain with Fanta Limon with no success.

Best, Simplest way to enjoy a fried egg?

When I studied abroad in Spain my host mother used to make a dish that was Rice topped with her homemade tomato sauce topped with a fried egg. I usually don't like fried eggs, but I still dream about that dish.

Aug 20, 2010
kris9 in Home Cooking

Recipes for starving college students?

I am a college student and these two meals have gotten me through many a night. Pasta is a college student's best friend. I would take pre cooked chicken and add it to some spaghetti sauce, and spice it up with garlic powder, oregano, and some red pepper flakes. This with pasta sprinkled with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Also, buy him a bag of frozen asian veggies and a bottle of Teriyaki sauce, Thai curry etc... melt the veggies in a pan and add the sauce. Eat with Minute Rice and chicken may be added if you like (precooked again)

Also, chicken boneless skinless chicken breasts, and a bottle of Italian dressing. Cut the chicken into strips and dump onto a cookie sheet and coat the chicken with the dressing. Broil for about 10 minutes or until cooked and serve with a box of instant couscous

Aug 17, 2010
kris9 in Home Cooking

NYC Hound Coming to DC

You will love the Mitsiam Cafe in the American Indian Museum... Very interesting selection of food, definetly not your average Museum cafeteria. That said, it is VERY expensive for a cafeteria. They have very interesting side dishes, you can make a meal out of those alone. Enjoy DC!

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

The pork is marinated in Apple Cider and is like heaven on a plate. I usually get the taco special and just eat the pork right off the taco, the serving is enormous! But the taco does come with a marinated habanero cabbage salad and gouda cheese on the taco. This place is mexican at its heart, so the margarita/ tequilla menu is extensive and the chips and salsa are amazing! If you have not checked out Nacho Mamma's, do so as quickly as possible!

I can't say when the special is offered, I have gone twice this month and it has been on the menu, but have not seen it before June...

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Maiwand Kabob- The original in Columbia
Nacho Mammas- for the BBQ Pork special
Pioneer Pit Beef- Woodlawn

About to move to D.C. from Austin. Will need TexMex, Fajitas, and BBQ

As a transplant from Houston to the Washington/ Baltimore area I can feel your pain. I would suggest Mi Rancho restaurant (the one in Downtown Silver Spring is better) it calmed my craving for Tex-Mex when I moved here. (If you can speak a little spanish try it with the wait staff, you will get much better service)

For BBQ try the Baltimore traditional Pit Beef, the best being Pioneer Pit Beef in Woodlawn (this is my opinion, other will differ) While it is not Texas BBQ it is a very good stand in.