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Hi, anyone out there know how to close an account with Chowhound? I've been emailing them trying to find out how to close my account but they don't seem to understand the concept and keep referring me to the FAQ section which doesn't address this.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Jul 24, 2010
LindaInCalgary in Site Talk

Donuts (Calgary)

Berliners? Oh my, I've been looking for these for years now! Do you know of any good places in Calgary? Edelweiss Bakery has some really good ones but I don't think they make them daily ... would love to find some European style Berliners.

Donuts (Calgary)

Ahhh the Donut Mill in Red Deer ... used to make my favourite donut of all time, the Black Forrest donut ... cherry flavoured with fresh cream inside ... chocolate icing ... alas, they no longer make it, so I no longer go there :(

Bakeries in Calgary?

Cobs bakeries are popping up all over the place these days and for good reason ... their bread is awesome and their pastries are delicious. Find a location near you ...

Sunday Brunch in Calgary?

Priddis Greens is excellent with gorgeous views and not too far from Calgary. I didn't like Nakoda Lodge. Been there twice and the food is always cold and seems to have been out forever. They now charge $26.95pp which I think is a joke for the quality of the food. Banff Springs is excellent and is now $42pp but well worth it. Food is always piping hot and delicious - they bring it out fresh constantly. A little known gem in Calgary is the Coast Plaza Hotel out by the airport. $15pp and unbelievably good value! The Carriage House Inn also does a great brunch. Reservations highly recommended for all of the above!