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Rise in "truffle" products - disappointing and gross.

I went to a bistro on saturday that's fairly new in town, and I won't disclose the name.
I ordered osso bucco, which was decent, but it was served alongside "white truffle risotto". I live in Nebraska, so I should have known that there weren't fresh white truffles (and it's july), but I went for it anyway. When I ate it, It tasted almost rancid. Really pungent, just unappetizing.

I have also had truffle fries (mentioned earlier on this board) that had the same chemical flavor (chef says they were cooked in truffle oil...), and smoked gouda and truffle mac n cheese. That was by far the best, but was still rank and barely edible. The smoked gouda helped.

These 3 places were totally different styles, one was a chain, and in different parts of Nebraska, but they all were awful. I am just sad that there aren't fresh truffles served anywhere around here, and chef's are opting for unnatural "truffle oil".

Can anyone else share my pain? I think Im going to start probing the waitresses asking if they have fresh truffles, etc.

Jul 26, 2010
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