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New Marble Ave. Pleasantville restaurant?

I hear that the owners of The Cabin are opening a famiily style Italian place there.

Casa de Paloma - Mt. Kisco

If it's owned by the same people I would steer clear. The food and service at Coco Rumba's as well as their old place Villa del Sol went down the tubes.

Coco Rumbas
443 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Red Velvet cake in Westchester

My hubby's birthday is at the end of the month and his favorite cake is RV. Anyone have a suggestion for a fabulous RV in Westchester?

Don Juan, Pleasantville

I have to tell you the place is awful! I was there Thursday night and I still feel queasy when I think about the food. Everything smelled and tasted the same. The service was awful. Our server actually argued with me about french fries for my son's meal (the food came with rice and beans when I ordered fried and he said fries weren't on the menu. He went to get a menu to prove me wrong but ended up looking like a fool since they were on the menu). I wish it were better because we could use a good place in this area but I will continue to trek down to Larchmont to my fav place Tequila Sunrise!

Crocitto's La Casa Nostra OOB?

But I hear he is looking to sell.

Coco Rumba's

Well unfortunately this place is re-opened. I heard that they got in trouble with the state for overcharging tax and gratuities, not sure if it's really tue. At any rate I was there last night and it was truly one of the worst experiences ever. The service was horrendous. There was at least a 20-30 minute wait for a round of drinks and then it took almost an hour and a half for the main courses to come out. The food was lackluster too. Hopefully they won't be torturing diners for much longer.

Craving Good Thin Crust Pizza in Westchester

I have to say Tino's on 9A in Hawthorne and Gainfranco's in Valhalla/North White Plaons.

Burrata - Where can I find it?

I've bought it at Mike's as well as another cheese place whose name escapes me...

Burrata - Where can I find it?

They also have it at most markets on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

Buying in bulk in Westchester

What about Otto Brehm in Yonkers?

Looking for an Italian spot in Westchester

We do A'Mangiare in P'ville alot for take out - love the food but want some place we haven't tried. I think we'll try Spadafino's since it's 9pm already and it's only 1/2 mile from the house. Thanks for the suggestions!

Looking for an Italian spot in Westchester

Not looking for anything fany or upscale, just a really good meal. My husband and i have a night alone and I could go for yummy Italian. Any good suggestions? I prefer Central or Southern Westchester...