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ISO recs for dinner near Deerfoot Casino

Brewsters is always a safe choice. haven't heard anything good about San Remo (we live in Mckenzietowne)
Famosa Neapolitan Pizzaria is good as well.

4 carnivores and a vegetarian

thanks everyone. looks like I've made a list of places to try!

she doesn't each fish..vegetarian..but not vegan (oh.. and did I mention a fussy teenager) lol. She does want to go into culinary though so she needs to expand her horizons.

Most places are really good to us..but it does get tiresome if most of your options are always pasta!

4 carnivores and a vegetarian

sounds lovely, thank you! can't wait to check it out.

4 carnivores and a vegetarian

looking for a good place to eat in Calgary. I have a vegetarian daughter but the rest of the family is meatatarian.
I want everyone to be happy....any suggestions?

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

i think i have also seen it at the cabbage section. they have sour cabbage and saurkraut. I did not know that it was high in pobiotics! thanks for the info!

Best Italian food shop Calgary

I absolutely love the Italian Store/Scarpones! they have great food and fantastic service. the lasagne is additives.

smuckers goober yyc?

I was under the impression this was only avail in the USA. My friends son is obsessed with eating it and I know she stocks up when she goes to the states.

Where to find REAL pasilla chiles in YYC?

most grocery stores carry "chile ancho" as well as "chile Negro" which may be what you are looking for? the negro is a darker longer chile.
I often purchase fresh pasilla peppers at the Sobeys in Mckenzietowne.

Best market to buy produce for canning?

it is awesome. i volunteer at it every year. very busy, go on the Saturday if you are looking for something specific.

Best market to buy produce for canning?

Don't forget Heritage Park - Fall Harvest Sale is September 10th and 11th !!!! Always great produce and deals. Proceeds go to the Childrens Hospital and Community Kitchen!

Gourmet & Organic Supermarkets in Calgary

Bite Groceteria in Inglewood is worth checking out for specialty items as well as i like Scarpones (great West Italian) 5130 Skyline Way Ne (they have prepared meals without additives, good deli selections)
if looking for reasonably priced organic produce...check out the calgary coops. they have organic specials on ever week :)

bhut jolokia peppers

some of the Sobeys stores carry dried bhut jolokia (ghost chile) which is product of India. I personally did not find the dried to be as hot as the fresh.
Fresh ghost chiles are difficult to get right now, only available out of Holland which have restrictions for importing into Canada.
There is a possibility of some California Hot House grown available mid to late August.

Frisee in Edmonton?

If you ask them at the Italian Centre (North or South) I am sure they can bring in Baby frisee bunches or a bulk chopped frisee. You could also try HW Central.
You could also ask Sobeys produce Managers at Jasper, Hollick Kenyon, Southbrook or St. Alberta and they can special order it as well.
(I work for a produce specialty company that ships to them once a week)

poblano peppers in calgary

most sobeys produce managers will stock them if you request it.

Swing top bottles?

a few years back i purchased a couple of boxes of the "grolsch " swing top beer bottles from the bottle depot. they only charge the deposit, so it was quite inexpensive.
I washed them and sanitized was fantastic.

where to find chiles

most Sobeys stores as well as Calgary Co-ops do carry the dried chiles....but yes some times are tucked away so you do need to ask.

Bergamot in Calgary

bergamot are available only for a short time...jan- feb.

London Goes Gaga for Breast-Milk Ice Cream

that is just messed up.

Mar 16, 2011
whythreecats in Features

best indian food calgary

the most amazing samosa's.....

Nirvana Restaurant Lounge & Hall
5075 Falconridge Blvd NE #1009, Calgary, AB T3J 3K9, CA

looking for pine nuts in calgary

you can buy them bulk at coops, safeway. some sobeys carry them in retail packs in the produce department.
pine nuts should be kept refrigerated or they can turn rancid.

Horseradish Root in YYC South

most grocery stores will carry fresh horseradish especially during the holiday season.
calgary co-ops, sobeys and safeway all stock it. if you don't see it in your local grocery store,ask the produce manager...they can bring it in.

best indian food calgary

i've gone a couple of times and it was fantastic. the service was good.
naan bread was great...nice and fresh.
i think they do a lunch buffet...

Karma Fine Indian Cuisine
4600 130 Ave SE #309, Calgary, AB T2Z 0C2, CA

Frozen crepes in Calgary?

you can also buy fresh Crepes at most Sobeys and Calgary Co-ops in the Produce Department. They are a Friedas label and are shelf stable until the package is opened and then need to be refrigerated.