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Minnesota State fair - any coan't misses?

Not a can't miss, but a qualifier - Pronto Pups are made with flour, & Corn Dogs with corn flour. (If they're using the same recipe this year, the Poncho's are corn, too) Have one of each, & pick your fave!

TC: Ice Cream Parlor?

(insert IMHO here) Skip the corporate Friendly's/Bridgeman's/(Shakey's?) barely palatable "ice cream". Get some of the real stuff. Grand Ole Creamery & IZZY'S are the first that come to mind, but there are others around the TC. Izzy's is easiest to find, Marshall Ave. just East of the river - look for the crowded sidewalk tables!

Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe
2034 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Grand Ole Creamery
750 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

Fried Liverwurst/Braunschweiger Sandwiches

Dad's version, (central WI, also old German stock), omits the onion & adds kosher pickle & horsey to the sandwich. (the rye-er the better). A good Maibock compliments & completes.

Jul 19, 2010
pickinpedaler in Home Cooking