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Minnesota State fair - any coan't misses?

Not a can't miss, but a qualifier - Pronto Pups are made with flour, & Corn Dogs with corn flour. (If they're using the same recipe this year, the Poncho's are corn, too) Have one of each, & pick your fave!

Jul 19, 2010
pickinpedaler in Minneapolis-St. Paul

TC: Ice Cream Parlor?

(insert IMHO here) Skip the corporate Friendly's/Bridgeman's/(Shakey's?) barely palatable "ice cream". Get some of the real stuff. Grand Ole Creamery & IZZY'S are the first that come to mind, but there are others around the TC. Izzy's is easiest to find, Marshall Ave. just East of the river - look for the crowded sidewalk tables!

Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe
2034 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Grand Ole Creamery
750 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55105

Jul 19, 2010
pickinpedaler in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Fried Liverwurst/Braunschweiger Sandwiches

Dad's version, (central WI, also old German stock), omits the onion & adds kosher pickle & horsey to the sandwich. (the rye-er the better). A good Maibock compliments & completes.

Jul 19, 2010
pickinpedaler in Home Cooking