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Where can I find Dragon fruit in DC area?

if they are in season, try Phuoc Hoa Market in Falls Church.

Craving Vanilla Bean Soufflé

So where can I get one in Northern Virginia/DC area? :) Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! :)

Vietnamese Wedding- Need Help Finding a Restaurant

I'll check to see if they do wedding catering. Thanks!

Vietnamese Wedding- Need Help Finding a Restaurant

I saw that they have to Korean menu, but have to call and see if they can do Chinese or Viet food. Then I'll check out the venue. Thanks for the recommendations!

Vietnamese Wedding- Need Help Finding a Restaurant

I looked into it, it looked great, but then I mapquest it...40mins. I don't want to risk the traffic, esp since our ceremony is in Arlington. Thanks for the recommendation though!

Vietnamese Wedding- Need Help Finding a Restaurant

Hi All,

We want to have our wedding next year, but are having trouble finding a place we like. We have a guest list of 400-450. We don’t like the set-up of Harvest Moon. I don’t like Fortune because of its long and narrow shape. I would feel bad for the people sitting at the very end. China Garden isn’t bad; we might just have to go with them if we can’t find a better place. My only complaint about China Garden is that it’s in a business building, and you would have to park in the garage, and use the elevators to get to the restaurant. I can imagine for 400 something guest arriving at the same time, this could be a bit of a pain.

I was wondering if there are any other Chinese restaurants that I’m missing. We were going to consider catering and then getting a separate venue site, but we can’t find any Vietnamese/Chinese catering service. Also, I would rather not do it because it can be pretty pricey.

Any suggestions? Or is my best bet China Garden? I’m from Falls Church area.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)