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My Aldi experience!

I don't have first hand knowledge of exact pay rates but they have always been known as a good employer in my area. I remember a couple of years ago, they were hiring at $10 to start. and they are closed on Sundays and not open 24 hours like all the other stores in the area.

Apr 16, 2015
cleobeach in Chains

recipes for extra bacon

"I can't quite grasp the concept of "extra bacon"."

That was my exact thought when I saw this thread.

No joke, I need to either cook bacon in secret or be ready to slap the men in my house with the spatula and squirt the cats with water to fend off the "wolves."

It keeps well in the freezer or fridge.

Apr 15, 2015
cleobeach in Home Cooking

My Aldi experience!

There is not a business or cultureal connection as far as I know, they just seem to like to shop there, likely because of lower prices.

Apr 14, 2015
cleobeach in Chains

My Aldi experience!

My family and friends love Aldi's but I just can't warm to it. I think my shopping habits don't mesh well with Aldi's offerings.

The Aldi's in my area do attract a lot of Amish and Mennonite shoppers.

I am fairly certain the one in my area accepts EBT (food stamp) cards as I seem to remember seeing a sign out front.

Apr 14, 2015
cleobeach in Chains

Old school table manners... what were you taught? update

When I worked at a large bank and senior management was so disturbed by the lenders' table manners, they hired a consultant to do a course on the subject.

The head of my department pulled me aside and told me I didn't need to attend because "you know how to eat." I made my father's day when I called to tell him I must have passed some secret test without even knowing I was being judged.

My German father always ate his pizza with a knife and fork.

I don't know if it belongs under manners or odd family quirks but my dad drilled into me that all foods on one' plate should be eaten in rotation, never all at once. As in in no saving your mashed potatoes for last.

Apr 13, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Complain or Shut Up?

"I've come to recognize over the years that when pretty much everything in a restaurant is terrible, the problem is that the people in the kitchen have no idea what good food is and they probably never will. Any efforts to communicate your disappointment will be met with at best disbelief and at worst hostility and disdain."

I have also learned this lesson. Oh the stories I could tell...Like someone else mentioned, when everything is bad across the board, its just bad and likely there is no fixing it.

ETA - I give an opinion if a server asks but I don't have any expectation of a resolution.

Apr 13, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

What's your ??????????

Yep, I also use the constant and consistant "no thank you" reply.

I do feel for the clerks because I have a friend and a relative that both worked retail for years and they tell stories about being sent to "charge camp" when not getting enough customers to sign up for credit cards and other training when not collecting enough data/sign ups for loyalty cards.

Apr 13, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

How often do you use food blog for home cooking?

Probably once or twice a week and those recipes come from blogs where I know the recipe is tested and a proven winner.

I do visit a lot of other food blogs for inspiration and entertainment but don't cook their recipes.

Apr 10, 2015
cleobeach in Food Media & News

Ketchup on Eggs? Not in my House!...Yours?

Yep, I also use Heinz ketcheup on my scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches. I have no idea where I developed this habit. My husband and son are very much no-ketchup when it comes to eggs. I keep trying to tempt my so. But he says "that's gross"

Apr 08, 2015
cleobeach in General Topics

Are you the main shopper/cook at home?

Mr. CB and I have been together long enough to have developed a clear division of labor.

I do all the meal planning, shopping and cooking. The exception is the grill, he likes to grill. Otherwise, he is more than happy to let me make all the decisions relating to food purchased and served at home. His only requirements are absolutely no tv dinners or prepared foods like chicken strips/nuggets.

Mr. CB does all kitchen clean up.

I do get burned out at times but then I remind myself how good I have it.

Apr 07, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Market Shoppers: Get out of the quick check out line. You have too many items...

I don't know if it is state law or store policy but the manager told me the is zero exceptions, all tobacco sales require a valid photo Id no matter the person's age. I commented how unhappy that must make some customers and he just shrugged.

Apr 03, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Market Shoppers: Get out of the quick check out line. You have too many items...


Adding to the frustration at my store is than that 12+ item person wants cigarettes, which requires a call to customer service, a detailed back and forth as to whether or not the customer is asking for Marlboro red 100s in the hard or soft pack and does the store even carry Marlboro reds 100s?

Then the customer service person has to walk the cigs to the speedy lane, which is as far from the desk as possible. At this point, the clerk asks for photo I'd. Customer whines and complains before slowly digging around in wallet for id.

Yes, I am still stressed about yesterday's visit to the grocery store. In my mind, I was fantazing about grabbing the cigs and throwing them as far as I could while yelling "get out of my way"

Do you hold Grudges against Restaurants? And for how long?

My dear husband just informed me of a local restaurant placed on the "no fly" list for our family. It is a new dinner down the street.

He took our son to breakfast before school. The check was $18.21 and my husband placed a $20 and a $10 down. He was expecting change from the $10 in order to leave a tip. Mr. CB is a generous tipper and likely would have left $4-$5 on the $18.21 check.

So too much time goes by and he asks the server "where is my change?" She returns with $1.79.

He asks "where is the $10 in change?"

She replies "I thought the $10 was my tip."

At this point, I must say that the vast majority of the population where I live would have left the $20 and thought $1.79 was MORE than enough of a tip for breakfast.

He said he won't be going back as her attitude over her expectation of the $11.79 tip rubbed him the wrong way.

I'm the turtle at the table .

There are slow eaters and then there are people who eat slow for some other reason. I don't know where one crosses over into the other.

Remember the thread about the cousin that took some crazy amount of time to dissect and eat one single scallop? She was cutting into something like 1/16 sized bites?

There was a turtle member of our college crew and looking back on it, I sincerely think she liked having an audience and having the controlling hand in the situation.

Mar 31, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

I'm the turtle at the table .

"There are millions of issues around how someone eats their food. Ironically 99.999% of the issues are in no way 'food related'."

I could not agree more!

Mar 31, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Strictly a Meat CSA Question

I do not belong to a meat CSA (am a member of a produce/egg CSA) but I do buy our pork and beef by the whole (hog) and half (the beef). The farmers are personal friends and I know the owners of the processing facility.

Do you care if meat gets to you frozen or fresh?

No. Because of where I live, fresh (as in not frozen) meat would surprise me as I know how the processors run, it wouldn't be practical to expect fresh meat.

Do you get excited by getting "new" cuts, or would you rather stick with tried and true?

For me, the excitement and challenge of "new to me" cuts has worn off and it is the major reason I am going to order our tried and true favorites from the processor (who also raises his own beef cattle) as soon as I deplete the freezer.

Do you trust that you are getting your fair share?

This is an interesting question. I think most people would be surprised by how few steaks and popular desirable cuts come from a whole/half/quarter of an animal. I suspect they would look at a meat share and think "where are the steaks and why so much ground beef?"

If you just go to a locker and pick up your meat, do you wish there was more interaction with the farmer or other customers?

Ha! Be careful of too much interaction/education. Our farmer wanted us to come to the farm prior to pick out our own steer prior to slaughter. We declined. I feared between my son and husband, "Dinner" would have resided in our backyard as our new pet.

Another CSA discussion?

I am guilty of the 'too much' feelings about the CSA I belong to - the kale, OMG the armfuls of kale! I would never complain to the farmer because I understand how a CSA works but I wish I could check a "no kale" box when signing up each year.

I wasn't going to sign up this year but the farmer has now added an option to order extras of items I might want to buy more of, I am excited about that.

Mar 30, 2015
cleobeach in General Topics

Host gifts for challenging hosts

"I'm a little confused as to why a sparkling non-alcoholic cider would offend or would not be able to be used."

Because some people are always looking to make an issue out of anything.

I won't dismiss psychological triggers but I knew the recovering spouse very well and he seemed secure in his recovery - he attended events like weddings were alcohol was present, had 20+ years under his belt, was a sponsor, etc. I doubt sight of cider would have made him fall of the wagon.

Mar 30, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Your most cherished food memories...

The aunts and uncles are amazed by our extremely vivid memories of those days. Sunday's were family days at my grandparents farm and I often spent the entire weekend.

I am getting one of those old style tub makers this summer for our cabin.

Baby-Friendly Saturday Lunch in Harrisburg or Environs?

It has been a couple months since I was downtown to eat on the weekends. We used to take our son out frequently on the weekends for lunch.

The Federal Taphouse was good enough when we were there.

The Appalachian Brewing Company is popular with families and I think the food is pretty good for what it is -


I have been wanting to try Home 321 but I seem to remember their Sunday lunch was strictly a brunch menu, which my husband isn't fond of, he wants "real" food at lunch. But double check me to the menu offerings -


When our travels take us to the West Shore, we like lunch at the Rock Bass. The river views are pretty. It is very busy on Sundays but they know how to keep things moving. This is another spot that attracts lots of families.


Mar 26, 2015
cleobeach in Pennsylvania

Acceptable Behavior ?

"we do have a small number of (mostly) family, and a friend or two who are absolute trolls if not fed on a schedule lol."

We also have two of those in our family/circle of friends. These are otherwise normal people with good manners but they absolutely must be feed on time. It baffles me that grown adults can't exercise control but I know they won't change.

Mar 26, 2015
cleobeach in Not About Food

Your most cherished food memories...

My ice cream memories were at my grandparent's in the 1970s and the machine was electric. The ice cream was bittersweet, vanilla with shaved bits of bittersweet chocolate.

My grandfather would freeze water in quart milk cartons and it was our (grandkids) job to smash them with croquet mallets in the coal bin side of the cellar where we could make a fantastic mess.

Grandfather and the rest of the men would stand in the cellar, smoking and drinking local beer out of returnable beer bottles as they monitored the ice cream progress.

We would set up those empty returnable bottles and "bowl" while waiting to be able to check the ice cream. Pap let us dip out tastes with a little plastic spoon.

Your most cherished food memories...

My brain is going to overheat from these memories!

"There were also packs of candy cigarettes for a bit more money."

And the best were the gum ones that were wrapped in paper, lined with some sort of powder - flour, cornstarch? - that gave the illusion of "smoke" when you puffed on them.

Ah, those were the days.

There was one of those stores in my grandparent's town, my uncle used to send us there to buy him real cigarettes and we were allowed to spend the change on candy. Imagine if that happened in today's world, 5-7 yo kids walking 10+ blocks to buy packs of Salems!

And yes, I did grow up to become a smoker.

Your most cherished food memories...

I also have the same childhood donut shop memories. My mom and I would stop after getting the shopping finished.

I often wonder what memories my son will have. His food world is far bigger than mine was at his age.

Your most cherished food memories...

Count me in. I tasted my first latke around 35+ years old and they are now one of my favorite things to make.

Had my first bagel and first tasted cream cheese at 12 yo.

Mar 25, 2015
cleobeach in General Topics

'Farm Eggs'

I don't disagree with your opinion. I grew up surrounded by them as neighbors, employees of the family business and later worked with them at my first job out of college (ag related field). They have very different expectations of their animals than even conventional farmers.

I also don't buy from them at farmer's markets as the ones in my area tend to buy their produce from surplus markets, grocery stores and Aldi's.

This afternoon, I just signed up for my summer CSA and my eggs will be $3.25 per dozen from that organic farm. The $1.50 eggs are what I buy in the winter.


"A Peeps Purist, is my lovely."

As is my dear husband. He has turned our son into a similar purist who also will only accept yellow chick Peeps.

Mar 24, 2015
cleobeach in General Topics

'Farm Eggs'

I live in a farming area. Many (if not most) Amish and Mennonite farms have roadside stands like where I get my eggs. It is a shed with an honor box.

'Farm Eggs'

I like when we get the blue-ish eggs.

$1.50 a dozen where I live.

Mar 24, 2015
cleobeach in General Topics


This post delights me to no end!

I "age" my Swedish fish.