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Best Mac & Cheese

ok honestly i have found bostons best lobster mac n cheese in the northshore! Finz in salem gives u so much lobster and it's mix of cheeses and penne pasta can't be copied- ive tried @ home and decided I'll just go there when craving it. The portion is enormous and almost every bite you get a piece of lobster! I 've had capital grilles which is good, but small and pricey this beats any lobster mac n cheese! now im craving it!!! haha

Recommendations for pre-Symphony dinner?

symphony sushi- havent been in a while off of 1 of the side streets really good sushi

who sells the best homemade Italian Sausages

bianci and sons I know back bay rest group uses them so if your out to dinner go to paparazzi or 1 of those restaurants to get a good sausage. Also I know its a hole in the wall but santarpios in e boston puts out a great pepers and sausage its spicy and delicious they do the same with lamb its yummy!