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Where to find good bread in TO.

Not ALL the bread @ Cobb's is crappy, AND their price point is pretty darn good too! I've gone to their Kensington Market spot later on in the day, only to find out that alot of their goods being sold out. Unlike some other places where I seen 7 bucks for a regular loaf of bread, and NO this bakery wasn't mad, they were located out in Rosedale! Whole Foods used to make to-die-for bread, but recently their quality of baked goods seems to have slipped (but that's just my opinion). Where is this bread everyone keeps mentioning they buy @ Metro? I regularly shop @ the Metro @ College Park, and I've yet to have seen it at all! PS The bread back @ Metro and Loblaws in-store is CRAP! Don't even THINK of buying this over-priced garbage, it's just junky bread like Wonder Bread (YUCK!) is...

Seeking Unglazed Quarry Tiles For Baking

Hi Everyone...

I'm new on this site!


You can also purchase a PIZZA STONE @ WAL-MART too!

A couple of years ago, I was hunting around for something - I've since 'forgotten' what - I then saw a few 'hiding' under a bunch of other stuff in their houseware's section. It can be messy, disorganized, and downright 'chaotic' at this specific WM location.

Honestly, what WM store in the GTA isn't chaotic and extremely busy 7 days a week?

I think it was just a little bit cheaper than the ones sold at Benix, which was conveniently located within the same mall.

I've also seen Winner's carry them just before X-mas too, but every time I've gone back to check on this (to see if I could get it further reduced) they were all gone!


Do give KITCHEN STUFF PLUS a try, as I'm pretty sure they carry this as their 'regular stock'.

KS+ carries all sorts of stuff, when I can't find it anywhere a few times I've hit pay dirt by making a quick visit and/or phone call to their store @ Yonge & Bloor. Which is a really busy store, but NOT crazy busy like 'Wally-World' @ Dufferin Mall.

Hope that helps!

Dufferin Cafe
2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA