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Key Lime Pie Crawl

We stopped for lunch at this adorable restaurant on our way to Marathon last month. One of the best key lime pies of our trip. Also, great fish tacos. It is at MM100 on the ocean side and only has a little sign so it is hard to find.

Key Largo Conch House Restaurant & Coffee Bar
100211 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

Mar 29, 2011
Bigmamma in Florida

Where to eat in the keys and fort lauderdale

We were just in Marathon a couple of weeks ago. Our best meal there was at Barracuda Grill. We also really enjoyed Butterfly Cafe at Tranquility Bay Resort. Beautiful setting sitting outside on the porch. Enjoyed the bar-b-que at Porky's and they have live entertainment at night. We had a great lunch at Lazy Day's. It was also recommended by a local for dinner. / We also ate lunch at Island Fisheries and the Tiki Bar at Tranqulity Bay. Both beautiful settings--food just okay. The stone crab from Key Fisheries is delicious. They supply the stone crab to Joe's.

We had a delicious dinner at Hot Tin Roof in Key West. It is on the second floor overlooking the gulf and the sunset. Make a reservation to sit outside.

Barracuda Grill
4290 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

Hot Tin Roof
0 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040

Mar 21, 2011
Bigmamma in Florida

Someplace to stop between Miami Airport and Sheraton Hotel near Fort Lauderdale Airport

We are getting into Miami Airport around 7:30 p.m. Thursday night and are looking for someplace to stop for a light meal on the way to the hotel. Or, any suggestions for a restaurant near the hotel. By the time we get our luggage and rental car we probably won't get to the hotel until around 9 p.m. Thanks.

Opinions on Red Light

Great food and atmosphere. One of our favorite restaurants. I highly recommend the peking duck, calamari salad, and the filet which is usually a special. I'm not so sure about the Asian Fusion tag. I think it is more upscale, creative Asian food.

Jun 20, 2008
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

First time at Table Fifty-Two -- What to Eat

We have eaten there twice and enjoyed it alot. The Asian chicken entree (I don't remember what it is called), the catfish and the steak are all great entrees. The low country shrimp and grits and the pizza with duck are fantastic. I agree about the mac and cheese (the best I have ever eaten) and the hummingbird cake. Didn't care for the fried green tomatoes or the corn bread. Enjoy.

Apr 22, 2008
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Table 10 - Palazzo (Las Vegas)

Funny. We had a completely different experience there last Saturday night. We had a 8 p.m. reservation and were seated immediately. In fact, there were quite a few empty tables. Our waiter explained that he as well as 3 other waitstaff would be taking care of us.We never lacked for someone pouring water, bringing more biscuits, asking if we needed something. We sat in one of the rooms adjacent to the main dining room. We didn't think it was very attractive---the main dining room seemed to have better atmosphere. I had the gumbo which was good--not great--and the pork which was one of the best pork dishes I have ever tasted. My husband had the tartare trio of tuna, salmon and hamachi with three sauces. He enjoyed the salmon and hamachi but, while the tuna was good he had eaten better elsewhere He had the Grilled Atlantic Salmon which was served over homemade chorizo sausage and tortilla hash, fire roasted corn and tortilla relish and corn coulis The salmon was good, not great, but the hash was delicious.I had the pork loin with Calvados rosemary reduction sauce from the rotisserie It was one of the most flavorful pork dishes I have ever eaten. I would highly recommend it. None of the desserts sounded that good to us and, as we had seen the gelato in the Lilly espresso bar downstairs, we decided to go there fror dessert instead. Outstanding gelato! Would we go back to Table 10? Probably not. While our service was great, the food was very good but not outstanding.

Mar 14, 2008
Bigmamma in Southwest

Princeton/Montello Wisconsin - Pizza?

We are from Chicago but have a summer home in Green Lake. The best pizza we have found is Pizza Factory in Princeton. How big is your group? We have gone there with 16 people. We preordered the pizza and salads and made a reservation and that worked out great.


We were in Budapest in May. Our best dinner was at Cafe Kor. You need to make a reservation for dinner there. I agree about Gerbaud. It was nice sitting outside but the pastries were nothing special. The best strudel was at the strudel stand in the Central Market.

Need Advice re: Vienna


Thank you so much for all of your advice. I really appreciate it.

Need Advice re: Vienna

My husband and I will be in Vienna for four nights beginning May 11th. I am thinking of going to Figlmuller and Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer. I was also thinking of either Do & Co, Meinl or Le Ciel for the other two nights but Do & Co, Meinl and Zum Weissen don't have their menus online and I have no idea what they serve or prices. Also, my husband hates little portions. Any opinions on those restaurants or any other suggestions would be appreciated. We don't want to eat heavy food every night and want to mix it up with casual restaurants and more formal restaurants plus we don't want every restaurant to be expensive. Thanks.

Goulash in Budapest

This month's Travel and Leisure magazine recommends Borbirosag as the place to go for goulash. The hotel concierge recommends a new restaurant Dio instead. Any opinions on either of these places? We are also going to Cafe Kor and Goa while in Budapest. Is Goa a good choice? Thanks

Salzburger Nockerln in Vienna

Any recommendations for a restaurant in Vienna that serves this dessert?

I'm not sure about Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer as they don't have a menu posted but do picture Salzburger Nockerln as part of their dishes. Would you recommend this restaurant?

Also, Le Ciel in Grand Hotel Wien has it listed as the dessert for the degustion menu.

I haven't seen any comments about either of these restaurants.

U Modré Kachnicky in Prague

I'm leaving for Prague next week and was going to go to this restaurant. Just wondering if anyone has eaten there recently.

New Tramonto/Gand Restaurants in Wheeling

We've ate at Osteria last month and just ate at the steak place Friday night. We weren't impressed at all with the Osteria. We thought the food was just ordinary and we could get better Italian food at many other restaurants. The menu was not creative and had the same Italian food choices you could find in many other restaurants. On the other hand, we loved the atmosphere at the steak restaurant. The tempura shrimp appetizer was delicious. My husband's aged strip steak was one of the best he has eaten. I don't eat steaks so I ordered the tuna based on our waiter's high recommendation. It was almost inedible as there was so much pepper on the ends that all I could taste was pepper. It ruined the taste of the tuna. I ended up cutting away all of the ends. I have had much better tuna elsewhere and would not recommend it.We ordered the roasted vegetables as our side. Nothing special. When Nine had roasted vegetables on their menu they were delicious. These were oily and didn't have any taste being roasted.We didn't order dessert and based upon the couple of desserts I saw at other tables they didn't look that good. Where does Gail Gand get this great reputation for desserts? My husband wants to go back again to the steak restaurant. I would probably just order a couple of appetizers for my entree.

Mar 27, 2007
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Aigre Doux

Four of us ate there last Saturday night. We were very impressed with both the food, for the most part, and especially the service. Our waiter was fantastic and paced our meal so we were never rushed. I didn't take notes and, unfortunately their menu isn't online so as best I can remember this is what we ate. We shared four appetizers. The Greek pizza, oxtail ravioli, white asparagus and truffle-poached egg. and hamachi and avacado with a Meyer lemon sauce. I wasn't crazy about the asparagus but the others were delicious. The bread was amazing. Sort of a cheese foccacia which they kept replacing throughout the meal until we told them to stop. I had the duck--four slices of duck breast, two duck sausages and wild rice and rhubarb compote in a delicious sauce. It was very good, My husband had the turbot which he said was outstanding. The other couple had the skate wing and salmon. The skate wing was very good. The salmon was different as it wasn't a filet but was a round piece like it was rolled. Not sure if she liked it or not. We shared the sticky toffee pudding dessert which is the signature dessert. Oh, my. Was that good. It isn't a pudding but more like a warm bread pudding cake in an outstanding caramel toffee sauce with a little scoop of ice cream--maybe goat cheese. Whatever it offset the sweetness of the sauce. There were other things on the menu that sounded really good. We will definitely go back.

When we were ready to leave, we stopped at the hostess desk to get out coats which we had checked. We had not been given claim checks but were told the coats were put under out reservation name. Then we glanced outside while waiting for the coats and our car was outside waiting for us. The hostess told us they keep an eye on your table and when it looks like you are getting ready to leave they get your car. Very impressive! I can't recommend this restaurant more highly. Our entire experience there was fantastic.

Feb 26, 2007
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Bring Back the My Watched Topics

I don't like the way you have changed My Watched Topics in My Chow to Favorites. There is no indication now as to when a new topic is posted. I don't want to have to expand and scroll through all of my topics in order to see if a new post has been added. Please bring back the old format.

Jan 24, 2007
Bigmamma in Site Talk


Masck is long gone. Nick's Fishmarket Cafe is now in that location. Nothing special.

Di Pescara in Northbrook Court shopping center is pretty good.

Jan 17, 2007
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

places to go similar to Carnivale?

We love Carnivale. Very similar food with a lively bar scene but much smaller and quieter restaurant is Cuatro in the South loop. We really liked their food when we were there a few weeks ago.

Jan 09, 2007
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

In Pilsen, Mundial Cocina Mestiza or May St. Cafe?

I posted our unfavorable experience at May Street Cafe a few weeks ago. I don't know about the other restaurant, but I would not recommend May Street Cafe. Check out this thread. My comment is at the end.

Jan 09, 2007
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

the may street cafe

Based on the Check Please review and other favorable comments, we've been wanting to try this place. We went last night before going to the Bulls game. Sorry to report that this was probably one of the worst meals that my husband and I have eaten in a long time. As we were there at 5:15 p.m., the place was nearly empty.

We started with the shrimp and mango quesadillas. They were extremely greasy on the outside. There was no mango flavor and the shrimp (what there were of them) were the tiny shrimp you find in a can. They had no taste at all. We also shared the tortilla soup. It was ok but so spicy that we could not finish it. We almost got the appetizer special of crabcakes and, after seeing them delivered to the table next to us, we are glad that we didn't order them. They received a plate which held 3 crabcakes, each the size of a quarter. I have never seen a crabcake appetizer with such small crabcakes. It looked like it should have been served as an amuse bouche.

My husband had the tuna special for his dinner. I guess we are spoiled and used to having tuna served in rare slices. It was described as seared tuna with a fig sauce. Sounded delicious. Unfortunately, an example of what you think you are going to get based on past experience and menu descriptions and what you do get can be completely different. What was on the plate was a slab of tuna with a white sauce on the side which had a few figs in it. It had no taste. Even the "special made to order" wasabi mashed potatoes had no taste.

Even so, his tuna was the better of the two entrees. I ordered the pork prepared Puerto Rican style which our very nice waitress described as delicious. I asked how it was prepared and was told it was loaded with spices and there were four pieces of meat on the plate. I got a plate of 4 extremely fatty hunks of meat that tasted like boiled meat. There was no flavor to the meat at all and it was tough. I tried one bite and it was awful. My husband, after tasting it, agreed (and he eats most anything) and told me not to eat it and he would get me a pulled pork sandwich at the United Center instead.

Have to admit that the best thing I ate last night was that pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries. We will scratch another Check Please restaurant that looked great on the show and in reality was terrible.

Dec 31, 2006
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

New Years In Buenos Aires Agentina

I highly recommend Sucre. It was our favorite meal in BA. It is a very modern, striking restaurant with a modern take on Argentinian food. The lamb was amazing.

Congratulations on your marriage. What a great place for a honeymoon.

Bariloche Argentina Restaurants/Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

I second the recommendation for Sucre. It was our favorite meal in BA.
We stayed at Lao Lao. Their restaurants are very good. We ate at the steak restaurant and the finer dining restaurant for dinner and had lunch at the more casual one. We also had an excellent meal at the Italian restaurant just down the road. I can't remember the name but the hotel will know. The one thing to remember is it is an hour drive into Bariloche from Lao Lao. If you don't have a car, I don't know if it will be easy to get a taxi to bring you back if it is late.

404 - Page Not Found

I'm getting it too. I'm using Firefox.

Nov 14, 2006
Bigmamma in Site Talk

Anniversary dinner downtown / Thoughts on MK?

We have always enjoyed Naha. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is more serene than MK's.

Haven't been to Everest in a long time but the room and view is very romantic. It still gets great reviews from the critics.

Aug 24, 2006
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Thoughts about Fonda Del Mar and/or Carnivale?

We've been to Carnivale twice in the last few months. Everything that we have eaten has been delicious. I highly recommend it---especially the rum-glazed pork dish, the braised beef appetizer and the shrimp ceviche. It has become one of our favorite restaurants. The restaurant is beautiful.

Aug 24, 2006
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Need french toast casserole recipe

I have made the Paula Dean recipe two times for a large family brunch and it is a great hit. I followed the recipe exactly and didn't find it two rich.

Aug 17, 2006
Bigmamma in Home Cooking

Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

We have a summer cottage in Green Lake and, unfortunately, the good restaurant selection gets smaller and smaller every year with more restaurants closing. The locals really don't go to the more upscale creative places and, if they do go out, like the above poster said they go to the fish frys or supper clubs which are cheap and offer fish frys and poor quality steaks or prime rib. That said, Mimi's in Princeton is one of our favorites. The Grey Rock at Heidel House has a new chef and menu and our meal there a couple of weeks ago was outstanding. Very creative. Two Chez in Green Lake is also good although when we were there a few weeks ago the prices seemed higher and the portions smaller. Harbor Lights in Green Lake is popular. I don't like it but my husband does. It has a salad bar and fish. Best ice cream in town is at Bayview. The sub place in Green Lake is great for lunch. Two Chez also has a very reasonable, very good sandwich or salads for lunch. Also, Blue Moon in Princeton for lunch. The Pizza Factory in Princeton has good pizza although it can take a long time to get it. We also like to share their salad while waiting for the pizza. The Republican House in Ripon has good Chinese. Lots of people go to Nortons in Green Lake. We think the view is much better than the food. Hope this helps.

Aug 11, 2006
Bigmamma in Great Lakes

First Post - Suggestions for Wife's 40th

If she likes meat, I would highly recommend Nine or David Burke's Primehouse. Nine is one of my favorite restaurants but it can be extremely loud. Their steaks are very good as is everything we have ever eaten. I especially like the two cones appetizer and their french fries. We just ate at David Burke's last week and my husband's sirloin was one of the best steaks he has ever eaten. He wasn't thrilled with the double stuffed potato but I thought everything we had was delicious.

Aug 10, 2006
Bigmamma in Chicago Area

Sweets & Savories, Sola, Blackbird, somewhere else?

I like Naha better than any of the restaurants you mentioned.

Our last visit to Blackbird was very disappointing. We took out-of-town guests there and none of our meals were anything special. Portions were extremely small. On, the other hand, we also took them to Naha and the food was great. I've eaten at Sola and I thik it is very good but not in the same class as the others you mentioned. I can't recommend Sweets & Savories. Three of us ordered the pork tenderloin and none of us could cut it with a knife. We all sent it back. The three men had the kobe beef burger which was a lot better than our entrees. The chef did send out every dessert on the menu to make up for our entrees. That was the best part of the meal.

Jul 11, 2006
Bigmamma in Chicago Area