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so what's the best canned chicken soup?

I just came down with some EXTREMELY annoying mid summer flu I picked up when visiting family in DC. Back in Atlanta and starting feeling a bit rough Wed night. Next day it was much worse so I went to trader joe's and stocked up on chicken noodle. ingredients list is very good and not full of all kinds of junk like a lot of the other brands. higher end organic/fancy do seem to be a bit devoid of flavor. I bought the canned soup and in the tetra packs. So far, I have only tried the tetra pack but I have to say - I'm fairly impressed and I believe it is now my "go to" chicken soup. I like whole foods chicken noodle but its expensive and 85% onion. anyone else notice how ANNOYINGLY overloaded it is with onion? I like onion as much as the next guy, maybe a bit more but enough is enough already! sheesh! : )

Jul 17, 2010
Fudgeman in General Topics