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Need favorite Chinese restaurant suggestions in Maine

Agreed. Go to Boston or stay home. No Chinese in the state worth a road trip.

Top 5 Restaurants to try in Queens?

Best old-school Italian in the borough.

Top 5 Restaurants to try in Queens?

Don Peppe (Ozone Park) belongs on any Top list in Queens:

Don Peppe
135-58 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11420

Fabulous wheat berry recipes.........?

The Italian Easter "grain pie" (pizza di grano) is made with wheat berry. Definitely worth considering.

Jun 16, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

What to take to west coast foodies from Brooklyn/Manhattan?

Second the U-bet. (Just that the original, made with sugar, is only available at Passover.) Still, a good choice anytime.

Palace Dumpling--Delicious and inexpensive (Wappingers Falls)

This place is amazing!!! So authentic that I'd never even heard of some of their dishes, let alone eaten them before. And if you doubt my love or knowledge of Chinese food, here's a window into my madness: I rode my motorcycle more than 300 miles (one way, half of it in the rain) over Memorial Day weekend to have a try. Would I do it again? Plans for later this summer are already in the works.

Go. Now. Before everybody finds out about it.

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

Wow. I'm so sorry. I'm also pissed, as I just recommended the place (and the mussels) on my blog.

How a bluefish can be flavorless escapes me. Ditto the mussels. Maybe others might have some insight on what might be going on.

Taco Trio - South Portland ME

Yeah, I grabbed a menu other day but ain't yet been.

A line? In SoPo? What next!!!!

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

That's right. But the issue here is the bar, not the dining rooms. I have never heard of reservations at the bar,

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

Never needed a rez for the bar, no. Not ever.

Joe's S(u)perette in Carroll Gardens closes

I figure the dude who made the rice balls oughta sell em on the street in summer. Be a great business to have. And good addition to CG.

The East Ender - Portland

Place has got zero buzz, yeah.

I'll try it again. Went there couple weeks after it opened and, frankly, thought it was just okay. Will give it another shot now that it's been up and running awhile.

Where to take French Guests

Petite Jacqueline (brand new French bistro in Portland) is excellent.

Help with Arugula

Arugula (with just XVOO and balsamic) is perfect topping for Veal Milanese.

May 13, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

If Fore St bar is jammed for extended period for some reason, Street & Co. (seafood only) also has a bar. Smaller, not as cool, but nice and food is good. About 5 blocks further. As a first time visitor I might wait for 2 seats to open at Fore St. Check w/ barkeeps, they're very helpful.

Street & Co
33 Wharf St., Portland, ME 04101

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

Fore St has a great bar. And it's used mostly for eating. That's where I sit when I go there. Order the mussels as an app. Wood-roasted with butter and almonds, served w/ bread from downstairs. One of only two or three things been on the menu since Day One.

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

Pretty sure Hugo's is closed Sundays. One reason I gave it to Fore St.

As for 555, I'd pass on that one, yeah.

Dinner recommendations Portland this Sunday night

Walk on over to Fore St, couple blocks from your hotel.

The Good Table-Cape Elizabeth, ME

Okay for breakfast/brunch maybe. If you wanna be right around there.

Need help for really good meatballs.

I've always believed that the secret to really great meatballs lies in how they are "handled" from start to finish. I'll let the step-by-step found here ( provide the details, but the bottom line is that the more you leave the ingredients alone the better. I have made my meatballs the same way for quite some time now (my name might be a clue) and they are always my most sought after dish. As for ingredients: 2/3 veal, 1/3 beef. Plus, wetted bread (never breadcrumbs), milk, eggs, salt and pepper to taste, that's it. Sounds simple (boring?) but not in either case. The secret, as you will see in the link provided, is in the handling. Hope this adds to the discussion.

Apr 27, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

Iron Chef Challenge - Eggplant

İmam bayıldı.

A Turkish dish.

Apr 07, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

Why was my sausage crumbly?

Yes, definitely chill the grinder attachment.

As for the taste, yes, it is highly seasoned. But I enjoyed it when I made it.

Apr 02, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

What's wrong with the Farinata?

Roxlet: The recipe is included in the link that's in first line of my original post.

Lilgi: They have done it both w/ onions at bottom (per my way) and mixed into batter, the more traditional way.

Apr 01, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

I want me some Smelt!

I suppose you could oil-cure them. Very easy to do. I do it with mackerel and it's great. The, it's a bigger fish.

Apr 01, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

What's wrong with the Farinata?

Each followed my instructions precisely, or as close to such as possible. Comments have been that it was dry, powdery, flavorless, too dense, nothing positive.

I know it's difficult to troubleshoot this way. I guess my thought is that maybe somebody has gone through a similar situation and so will know right away some possible explanations.

Thanks, though.

Apr 01, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

What's wrong with the Farinata?

I've been making farinata for about a year now, every time successfully (

However, four friends have been trying very hard to do so and, even with multiple attempts, have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering if any CHers have experienced similar trouble with the item.

A few facts worth noting:

All 4 friends are very accomplished cooks, one could be a professional pizzaiolo or baker.

2 of the four use chickpea flour provided by me, so it's the same exact flour I use.

1 of the four has the exact same wood oven that I have.

Somewhere in these several attempts should have been at least one successful outcome!

I'm missing something here. Any idea what it could be?

Apr 01, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

Casserole - but uncooked noodles? Recipe?

When I was a boy an aunt (Hungarian) made the most delicious beef stroganoff. Her method was to stack all the ingredients inside a pressure cooker, the top third or half of that being UNCOOKED egg noodles. It was perfection. If I had a pressure cooker I would try it absolutely.

Mar 18, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

shad roe, did I do it right?

I would use the term "granular" to describe shad roe, yes. But not unpleasantly so. I would cook it a little less time and see how it goes. But, as for your method, sounds fine.

Mar 17, 2011
Mister Meatball in Home Cooking

We got a car. Where do we go?

The wait only seems bad on the absolute prime time fri/sat night slots. If I go either of those nights I make sure to dine early, around 6:30, and don't have a problem.

That said, my favorite time to go is on Sunday afternoon, when you can have a leisurely multi-course meal akin to what I always loved growing up at home and at family members' homes.

As for it getting better, I don't know. But, as you may have seen from my blog, I always eat the same things, which has not failed me in years.

We got a car. Where do we go?

So glad you liked. It has been my go-to place for some years now (though if you read my blog about it, you already know that!). I'll be down in a couple weeks. And can already taste the garlic!