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Give the West Virginia Hot Dog its due

I think you are right about Fairmont being the original maker of the pepperoni roll. But Clarksburg is the home of Oliverio's Peppers that taste so good in those pepperoni rolls along with a slice of pepper jack or mozz cheese. Now on the hot dog chili, T&L and Hometown hot dogs has good chili, custards stand, which is sold at Walmart and Sams and made in WV is pretty good but not enough chili powder and little too sweet. And I didn't know there was slaw part of the state. I'm from North Central WV, we had slaw.......My mom was from Braxton Co and they had slaw. I do believe the Hillbilly hot dog (with slaw) started in the south. The first one I ever had was in Braxton county, little place located at the center of the state and owned by Bob Tenney. Every hot dog I've eaten outside of WV has chili that tastes like that dog food chili in a can...nasty! I live in GA now and make my own, and it's not too shabby! One thing is you don't want to use lean mean, the fat give us all your flavor! And for the slaw dressing, mayo based!

Oliverios Restaurant
507 E Main St, Bridgeport, WV 26330

Jul 16, 2010
westvic in Mid-Atlantic