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One day/night in Trastevere

I'm taking my husband for his first trip abroad since he was a little kid. And am looking to identify a couple tasty places for Sunday meals later this month in Trastevere. Lunch and dinner. Or snacks and a big meal at whatever point. I've never been to Rome (and we are heading out the next day for the country). But I would like my husband's first meals to be tasty -- he hates flying, so this trip is a huge favor to me. Not necessarily fancy or anything, but delicious. Part of my problem is that when I have jetlag I become mellow to the point of lacking sensible gut perceptions about restaurants I encounter while walking around. While it makes me a pretty easygoing travel companion, I'm afraid I won't be reliable at picking good places. We are staying here: Via della Fonte dell'Olio, 8, 00153, Roma

Oct 04, 2010
lmaggi in Italy

Downtown Seattle

Coming for a visit at the end of the week and have mapped out a few places to go: Lark, Salumi, Mashiko, Matt's at the Market and a couple others. But I was looking for a place to eat Saturday dinner in downtown Seattle. Any suggestions? Looking for something very tasty, but not extremely expensive. Any ethnic foods would be great.

Aug 19, 2007
lmaggi in Pacific Northwest


Planning a trip to Seattle/Vancouver the last week of August. Coming from New Orleans, where the oysters are not great consumed raw during the summer.

Because the ocean must be so cold up there, even during the summer, I'm guessing that is not the case in the Pacific Northwest. Anybody have any suggestions on where to eat large quantities of oysters in either Seattle or Vancouver?

Aug 10, 2007
lmaggi in Pacific Northwest