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good not-expensive eats in Indianapolis (not downtown)?

Thanks for the suggestions...I was wondering about Papa Roux, so I think that one is going on the short list :) I'll also run the microbrewery idea by the crew.

Jul 17, 2014
BayAreaTeacher in Great Lakes

good not-expensive eats in Indianapolis (not downtown)?

I'm going on a business trip to Indianapolis next week... we'll be staying in NE Indianapolis (Castleton area?). We will have a car, but due to the locations of our meetings, I think we'll generally be looking for restaurants towards the east side (NE, E, and SE) of the the city. I'm starting a new thread because most of the Indianapolis discussions seem to focus on the downtown area and higher end restaurants outside of downtown.

We're mostly looking for good value... not necessarily huge portions, but good quality for the price, and think of Oakley's as being on the high end of what we can afford. Any gems we should try to hit? :)


Jul 17, 2014
BayAreaTeacher in Great Lakes

Reasonable, non-chain restaurant good for group dinner in Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, or Arlington?

Thanks, Bob. Yes, local chains are fine... just not Olive Garden-y or TGI Fridays types (which I'm hoping no hounds would recommend anyway! :). In fact, the Great American Restaurants group came up in my initial search and I was considering Carlyle, but my mom said the location would probably be inconvenient for several of my cousins... I'll check out their other restaurants.

Reasonable, non-chain restaurant good for group dinner in Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, or Arlington?

I'm visiting the DC area later this week from the Bay Area and am trying to find a restaurant for a relatively large (9 people) dinner with my cousins. I've been searching for a restaurant for several days now and haven't come up with much... I'm sure lots of good options exist, I just don't even know where to start and I'm starting to worry that if I don't find one soon, we won't be able to get a reservation. Here's what I/we are looking for:

1) reasonably priced (shouldn't be too difficult to find an entree or two under $15)
2) good for groups and not too loud/dark
3) not to "exotic" or scary for unadventurous eaters -- while I love pretty much all kinds of food, it seems like my cousins are American-meat-and-potatoes type folks who might not appreciate things like Ethiopian or Vietnamese (much to my chagrin) :P
4) willing to take reservations
5) I think everyone has a car, so metro-accessible isn't an imperative, but it might be a bonus.
6) The group would probably be happiest with a place in Fairfax or Falls Church, but I'm willing to expand the search a bit (to Alexandria, Arlington, and...?) if necessary to find what we're looking for.

Thank you, in advance!


looking for good Saturday breakfast/brunch in the Philly 'burbs (Delco?)

Hi Philly foodies :)

I'm in the Philly burbs for a month (hailing from the SF Bay Area) and I'm hoping to pick some of your amazing foodie brains for a good place for breakfast or brunch this Saturday. I do have a rental car and am willing to drive about 15 minutes any direction from Swarthmore or Broomall, but I'm not looking to go into Philly for this particular meal (and contrary to what googlemaps says, I don't think it's possible to get into Philly in 15 min from out here). I'm just looking for someplace with tasty, reliable breakfast or brunch options that will allow two people to eat for <$40 (including tax and tip)... non-pig-based protein options [no pig casing either] are a *huge* plus for us. Re: drinks, we tend to stick to water, so an amazing mimosa or bloody mary is irrelevant for our purposes. Thanks, in advance, for your help!


Jul 15, 2010
BayAreaTeacher in Philadelphia